SGA Discusses Allocations, Legislation Changes at weekly meeting


At the Student Government Association’s weekly meeting on April 11, the student senators discussed a variety of legislation.

The executive staff began the meeting by giving their reports.

President Adam Schibi announced that, after meeting with a committee of Hays and University police officers, Safe Ride will only be available Friday and Saturday nights during the summer though will still be available from 10:00 p.m. until 3:00 a.m. The new days of operation will begin May 22 and end August 14.

Legislative Affairs Director Mountford discussed in his report that he began researching for the next Higher Education Day.

Community Relations Director Dougherty reported that she worked on the final planning for the Big Event, which was held the Saturday following the meeting.

Following this, some committees reported that they had bills to be read while others, including the Legislative & Political Action Committee and the Senate Affairs Committee, are still working on updating SGA bylaws.

The OER Task Force worked on guidelines and had a resolution for second reading.

After the committee reports, two new senators, Garrett McBlair and Nia Ward, were installed.

During the Open Forum, student Jetta Smith spoke on behalf of Resolution 19/S/103 to create a sexual assault awareness month. Smith, herself a victim, called for a vote in favor of this resolution to bring safety and awareness to the FHSU campus.

The resolution was brought for first reading during new business, but the senators voted to make it emergency business. This allowed them to take an immediate vote on the resolution and pass it.

Four other bills were read for the first time. The bills are to appropriate money to four individuals to Branson, Missouri for the Association of Treatment Court Professionals.

After this, the senators passed seven bills and two resolutions.

The first bill appropriated money for three members of the English department who traveled to a conference last month.

Five of the bills concerned fee reviews. Through these bills, there will be no adjustment of the annual or bi-annual fee, a fifteen cent increase in the Tiger Media Network fee, and a five cent decrease for the Memorial Union fee and Student Government fee.

During this time, the senators spent several minutes discussing a bill that would suspend the revision of the SGA constitution.

The discussion centered on what portion of the constitution would be suspended and when the revised version should be voted on. Following the discussion and a recess, the bill was amended to clarify the wording then passed.

Of the two resolutions passed that evening, one was to implement Open Educational Resources at the university and the other was for the March Student Leader of the Month.

A number of announcements were given at the close of the meeting.

This included the FHSU Rodeo on Easter Weekend, a mental health panel hosted by Sigma Alpha Epsilon, and the Student Organization Awards that will take place April 18.

The Student Senate will reconvene 7:00 in the evening on April 18.

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