Study tips as finals season approaches


Finals are coming up here at Fort Hays State, which means long nights at the library and stressing over multiple exams. It’s time to buckle down and save our GPA’s from eternal damnation. In this article, I will be discussing with you some study habits that have helped me and also some other tips that my fellow peers have given me.

One thing that I find very important is the use of office hour times. Many professors have provided their office hours in the semester syllabus and are willing to meet with you during that time. When you meet with them have an idea of the questions you are going to ask. If your grade is low and you want to bring it up, start asking for suggestions on how to bring that grade up whether it be studying harder for tests or doing better on your homework. Your professors should be able to provide you with an answer. Another thing that I find helpful is asking your instructor what material is going to be on the final to get a better understanding of what to study for. This can help deter any confusion you may have.

If you study better with a group, be sure to organize one and take advantage of the study rooms located in Forsyth Library or even the study areas provided in the residential housing. Have an agenda of what you want to accomplish during that study time and also note things you don’t understand. One of your peers might have a better understanding of how the material works and might be able to provide an explanation that benefits you. Don’t be afraid to speak up when you don’t understand something — there might be more than one person who is in the same boat as you.

If you are struggling in a class and are still very confused about what material is going to be on the test ask your peers for some clarification. Ask to see how they take their notes and if they have clear ones adapt to doing them the same way. This can help benefit you by giving you are a clear understanding of what course material will be on the exam and what important things you have to know.

Another thing that can really help is limiting your screen time when studying. Meleney Jacome, a student at FHSU avoiding screen time can help you maintain focus.

“When you are studying for an exam try leaving your phone in your drawer or in another room,” Jacome said. “This can help you focus on the task at hand, and help you retain the information better.”

This method of studying can be beneficial to those who are easily distracted by their cell phones.

There are many different programs online that can help you study for your exams. Quizlet is one that many students around campus use. This website helps to modify the material you’ve learned to help you retain the information in a more efficient way. Quizlet has multiple forms of study guides that help guide students toward a more practical way of studying.

Don’t try and study all the material the night before. Cramming everything into one study session is overwhelming and there is no way that one person can study everything that was covered in one semester overnight. Give yourself plenty of time to study and reinforce the material. Take study breaks in between study sessions this will help you stay focused and will also keep you from getting overwhelmed.

Good Luck on your finals Tigers! Be sure to study hard!

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