Making the Most of Spring Break


It’s the time of year that seemingly all college students look forward to once classes resume in January – Spring Break! Fort Hays State University started its spring break March 19th, which runs through March 25th. Students are buzzing with excitement for their plans and ready to have a week of relaxation and fun. Whether it be hitting the slopes out in Colorado or heading down to the coast, FHSU students can’t wait to make the most of their spring break. But what do you do if you are not taking a big trip and just going home or staying on campus?

This spring break doesn’t have to be a fail if you’re going home and don’t have any plans. There are many things we suggest you try this week to make the most of your spring break at home.

Sleep In and Relax!

This one is very important since you most likely don’t get to do it much during school. Take this week to enjoy catching up on your sleep and kick back. This is the main reason for the break! After studying for all those midterms and projects, you deserve it.


Spend Time with your Friends and Family

It’s most likely you missed your parents and old friends so you should take this time to catch up with them and do some old activities you enjoy doing together. Your family and friends miss you just as much as you miss them and they’ll want to hear to all about your college adventures.


Enjoy Some Home Cooked Meals

I think everyone can agree they get sick of the dining hall food and some may not have the perk of having their own kitchen to cook in. Appreciate going home and getting a home cooked meal from family. You might even want to try out a recipe you saw on Pinterest. You can take it back to school and show off to your friends what you learned over the break.


Go Outside

Hopefully, the weather is starting to get nice and will stay normal all week. If that’s the case, go outside and get some fresh air. Get some exercise by going on a hike and exploring nature. You could even get some friends together and play a pickup game of baseball or go for a bike ride. As long as Mother Nature is in a good mood, enjoy some relaxing time in the fresh air.


Catch up on Netflix

During midterms and these final few weeks, it is going to be hard to find time to watch your favorite shows or movies on Netflix with all the studying you’ll find yourself doing. So take this week to pop some popcorn and catch up on your favorite TV shows or movies. You can even make it a movie night with some of your old friends from high school.


Go Swimming

If you can’t make it to the beach this spring break then just take a dip in your local swimming pool! Soak up some sun, enjoy the cool water and have some fun. And if the weather doesn’t agree with that idea, find an indoor pool in your local area like a recreation center or YMCA.


Do Some Shopping

This is something both girls and boys can do. With it being spring, that means spring cleaning is upon us and we start to throw away old clothes, shoes, and random or broken junk that just piles up. Once you get everything cleaned out you can hit up your local shops, malls, and even thrift stores to either replace what you threw out or get a fresh new look.


Catch up on School Work

Now I know this isn’t everyone’s favorite past time during spring break but if you are absolutely bored out of your mind then might as well sit down and get a head start on that homework or project. You don’t have to spend hours studying but at least getting a good start on your homework will make it easier for you when you get back to school.


Spring break is an exciting time for all students and with these tips, you can still make the most of it even if you’re staying at home. Whatever helps you relax and get prepared for fast-approaching finals!

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