PlayStation Network’s Continued Issues


PlayStation services seem to always be at the forefront of controversy. If someone isn’t complaining about how slow the downloads are they are grumbling at not even being able to connect at all. The latter was the case for the beginning of February when many users couldn’t connect to the premium service.

Sony is no stranger to PlayStation services being offline. In April of 2011, Sony is credited with receiving one of the biggest cyber-attacks in history, a breach so massive that the PlayStation Network was down for around 23 days and 77 million users information was compromised. This means that no one could download purchased games, play online, or use any PlayStation services for a month. After a breach to that extent one would assume PlayStation would make their network airtight, but alas they’ve been hacked and forced to repair the service on multiple occasions.

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Sony responded to the recent incident on Twitter, stating: “We’re aware that some users are experiencing issues logging into PSN. Thanks for your patience as we investigate”.

After some time and numerous complaints, Sony seemed to have solved the issue. With the PlayStation 4 being the highest selling console this generation, Sony might need to turn a new leaf in 2018 and tighten up its infrastructure to keep its growing install base happy.

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