Wut In Taxation? – Opinion

Tax day is less than a month away. Many students have already received their refunds while others have been putting it off. Myself included.

While doing my taxes this past week, I started wondering what other students are going through doing their taxes. Over the past couple years, I’ve learned some benefits and tax breaks are not so easy to come by when your parents claim you on their taxes.

And don’t get me wrong, my parents do a lot for me and I feel extremely #HashbrownBlessed to have them, but not getting money back sometimes is rough.

Talking with a few students on campus, they’ve felt the same. Most students have been asked to stay anonymous.

One student, who just endured her first year doing her taxes on her own stated that “taxes suck.” She also explained to me that she was afraid she was going to screw things up. And that taxes were “a waste of a lot of  time and energy to get basically nothing back.”

Another student has never done her taxes on her own. “I know nothing about taxes. I pay someone to do it for me.”

Some students experience more than just their single filed taxes as well. A handful of students are married, have kids, or are in the military which adds to the pain and suffering of filing taxes.

One student referenced the whole process as evil. “Taxation is theft and unconstitutional. The government is taking money from you at a threat of force. By definition, I’m pretty sure that’s theft.”  

As a whole, most students have not been excited about their taxes or have been avoiding them altogether. For those of you who have already done your taxes, good job, you’re adulting better than a handful of us. For those of you who have yet to look at your W2’s and 1098-T’s, good luck to you and your future stress.

For TMN, I’m Jordan Hester

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