Gun survey of students find opposition to concealed carry on campus

HAYS, Kan. — A recent survey of students at Kansas Regents institutions found that 55 percent of respondents want the concealed carry of firearms on campus repealed and another 14 percent would like the Regents institutions’ exemption to be extended.

The Students Advisory Committee to the Regents partnered with the Docking Institute of Public Affairs at Fort Hays State University to survey students at Regent institutions regarding their opinions on concealed carry guns on campus. The survey came as a result of the annual SAC retreat in August and was a complement to the Docking Institute survey of opinion among Regents faculty and staff.

The SAC is made up of the student body presidents of each of the six Regents universities and Washburn.

The exemption from the Personal and Family Protection Act held by Regents institutions is set to expire July 1, 2017. The exemption prohibits any persons licensed to carry concealed handguns under the Personal and Family Protection Act from doing so on university campuses. The Kansas Board of Regents plans to continue to prohibit open carry on university campuses.

Other findings of the survey:
• Regardless of the venue, students are most comfortable with faculty and staff carrying
guns, followed by other students, and lastly visitors.
• 49 percent of students are more likely to support storage at public safety offices instead of in academic buildings or residence halls.
• 51 percent do not trust storage in academic buildings, and 56 percent do not trust storage in residence halls.
• 91 percent of students support requiring permits for gun possession.
• 42 percent of students said they would be less likely to attend their university if concealed carry were allowed on campus, and 16 percent said they would be more likely to attend.

The survey was conducted by email. Students received emails with individualized links to the survey. For more information, contact Ulises Gonzalez, president of the FHSU Student Government Association and vice chair of the SAC, at 785-628-5311.

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