Second ‘Mommy and Me’ room opens on FHSU campus

FHSU University Relations

by Samantha Dean
Mothers at Fort Hays State University now have another private and welcoming environment to breast-feed their babies.

The first FHSU Mommy and Me room was opened in January 2015 in Stroup Hall. The room was utilized throughout the spring semester by faculty, staff and students, receiving rave reviews from all.

With the support of Deborah Ludwig, dean of Forsyth Library, the second Mommy and Me room, located on the lower level of Forsyth Library, room 050, will open for fall 2015.

Each room provides private space where nursing mothers are welcome to express milk or nurse during their time on campus. All rooms feature a comfortable chair and an electrical outlet, with convenient access to restroom facilities. Both Mommy and Me rooms are open during normal business hours.

The project to open the rooms began with the efforts of Kathleen Ward, associate professor of nursing, and her involvement with the Kansas Breastfeeding Coalition. The coalition advocates for the development of rooms in area businesses and places of employment to benefit moms and their employers.

“Research shows that breast-feeding is beneficial to both the mother and baby,” said Ward. “This means that they will take less sick days for themselves and babies.”

In June, FHSU received a Bronze Award from the Kansas Business Case for Breastfeeding for its efforts in supporting young families on campus.

“In keeping with Dr. Martin’s family philosophy, we wanted to make sure that all new breast-feeding mothers and babies are taken care of,” said Ward.

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