Men’s Soccer Homecoming Victory Works Over SNU 8-3

Fort Hays State University men’s soccer (8-3-1, 5-2 Mid-American Intercollegiate Athletic Association) win their homecoming game big against Southern Nazarene University (3-9-0, 2-5 MIAA) 8-3.

This season the FHSU Tigers have experienced three losses and one of them had already come from the Crimson Storm. The Tigers, looking to not repeat the past, show up with vengeance ready to play the team that delivered them their second MIAA loss. Unlike the previous game, where SNU held the Tigers scoreless, the goals came naturally to the Tigers offense.

Maurizio Costa, Asuncion, Paraguay freshman, started his big day off with the Tigers first goal. Diego Cabral, Asuncion, Paraguay senior, assisted Costa leading him with a pass allowing him to beat his defender. Costa shooting from the left side across the goal to the right gets his first goal of the day from ten yards out. Tigers start off 1-0.

The Tigers second goal coming 11 minutes later in the 35th minute puts the tigers up 2-0. Cabral once again setting up the play crosses the ball to the middle of the box. Joe Albright, Windfield junior, is the Tiger there for the goal, heading the ball into left side of the net. The SNU goalkeeper unable to stop it stands still as the ball passes him.

Fort Hays scores their third goal with just two and half minutes left in the first period. Albright decided one wasn’t enough as he stole the ball from an SNU player. Taking it to the box himself and tricking the goalkeeper with some footwork Albright punches his second goal of the day to the left side of the net. The Tigers go into half up 3-0.

Just three minutes after half time the Tigers get their fourth goal of the day. Setting up the play was David Lucio, Wichita junior, feeding the ball to Addison Pauler, Wichita junior. Pauler dishing up a cross kick and finding Costa in the middle of the box. Costa fires the ball into the right side of the net putting the tigers up 4-0.

Southern Nazarene having enough of the Tiger show, finds the left side of net only thirty seconds later. The goal coming from SNU player Edgar Pineda, Mustang, OK senior. Tigers still up 4-1.

Pineda gets his and SNU second goal of the day seven minutes later. The Crimson Storm received the ball after a Fort Hays hand ball was called. The ball was placed just outside the top of the box. Pineda elected for the kick, punches the ball into the bottom left of the Tigers goal. Tigers lead cut down 4-2.

The Tigers coming back strong in the 66th minute score their fifth goal on the day. Receiving a pass from Pauler, Cabral controls the ball just inside Crimson Storm territory. Costa sprinting up the field receives the through pass from Cabral as the SNU goal keeper charges out trying to stop the play. Costa getting passed the goalkeeper with ease puts the ball in into and open net. Costa receiving a hat trick with the goal. Tigers up 5-2

The Tigers score two more times before SNU scores their third goal. Tiger sixth goal comes from Lucio assisted by Tanner Brock, Windfield senior, and Cabral; while the seventh goal was scored by Brock and assisted by Cabral. Fort Hays State still up 7-3 at the 70th minute.

The game stops however in the 76th minute as a conflict starts on the right side of the field. A frustrated SNU player getting bumped roughly by an FHSU player pushes back with more than just a shove. -Teammates of both players quickly come to the aid of both players in a mass of pulling and pushing, causing the game to be stopped. After all is said and done, the referees have come to a conclusion of three red cards: two to SNU players and one to a FHSU player. Southern Nazarene is now playing down one player.

Brian Ness, Olathe freshman, finds himself a goal in the 85th minute after a cross from Austin Clifton, Wichita junior. This finishes the game and the Tigers get the win 8-3. This ties the record of most goals in a single game for the Tigers which was previously set this season against Lindenwood.

The Tigers offense put up 19 total shot compared to SNU total of 8 shots. Kent Freund, Garland, Texas senior, gets another win in goal, however, not satisfied with the three goals allowed. Cabral having another big day does not score but leaves the game with 5 assists on the day.

“It’s easy for me because I got so many good people and so many good players moving around me; so it makes it way easier to make runs which makes my job much easier,” said Cabral speaking on his assists.

Head Coach Brett Parker overall happy with the performance on the day; however, he did mention that the focus and discipline of his players is still key to winning games. He stated that some of the discipline needed a little more attention this game but nothing he was worried about.

Fort Hays State University goes on the road for their next three games. All three games are MIAA games with the first stop Thursday Oct. 16th at Bolivar, MO against Southwest Baptist(0-12-0, 0-7 MIAA).

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