Triathlon to raise funds for local family


Fort Hays’ Department of Health and Human Performance is hosting a triathlon meant to raise funds for the family of Johnny Valor Pabst. Pabst, about three months old, suffers from a severe heart condition and has undergone surgery. 

“We’re trying to raise funds to offset his medical costs,” said HHP instructor Anita Walters. 

The event is a team triathlon that consists of swimming, running, and biking. Each event takes place in or near Cunningham Hall. Each team will consist of three people, each doing one of the three main events. The swim is 400 meters, the bike trail is five miles down to Main Street and back, and the running portion is one mile. These distances are cut down for younger participants. 

 “For those under 12, we cut the swim portion in half,” Walters said. “We also double their time when we figure that out for the teams.”

This triathlon is not only a great way of getting involved physically, but a great way to show support from the community, Johnny’s family and Johnny himself. 

“We’re just looking for community support for Johnny and his family,” Walters said. “Probably everyone has been touched at some point by some sort of medical emergency, and we know how expensive that can get.”

The triathlon has three age groups: Those under 12, those 13-18, and those 19 and older. The sign-up for the event is also quite simple. 

“It’s $30 per team, or $10 per person,” Walters said. “All they have to do is scan the code on the event flyer and it’ll take them to the registration page. 

The triathlon will take place on April 15th, and it is meant to raise funds for Johnny Valor Pabst and his family, so they can handle the medical expenses and get the help Johnny needs.