Music review: Faye Wong’s Fuzao album


Legendary Cantonese singer Faye Wong has all but retired from making full studio albums since the 2000s. That being said, during the artist’s run of her discography, Wong established herself as a skilled vocalist and a singer who conveyed the wide human spectrum of emotion. In this review, we will examine all the tracks from one of her standout albums. Faye Wong shows us that as a human trying to tell her story, she is the most convincing when being honest, exhausted and vulnerable. Let anxiety go with the wind, La Cha Bor!

Sporadic or unusual – Here is a great example of Faye helping with the catharsis needed after anxiety or pain. With a sweet guitar, this track makes you wanna lay next to someone, cry on their shoulder and then cuddle as you watch a movie. This song elicits the comfort of love and what it would feel like to accept at one’s worst, even when ugly crying. The song feels like when you’re having a bad day and you suddenly just throw everything aside and spend time with someone who makes you happy. The drums here are excellent. 10/10

Restless or anxiety – This is the feeling when you wake up and realize you have to get back to it and you try to do it with a smile. The opening is so good. I love it and I love that trail of vocals. This feels again like I am not alone in this, like someone has my back in this exhausting and cruel ordeal that is life. The cycle of always having stuff to do, we’ve gotta break it. The guitars and drums are so good and anticipating. The crescendos are so satisfying. It has an odd alien helicopter-sounding ending. I actually ended up falling for this song after my second listen. I even added it to my Apple Playlist a little while ago. 10/10

Visualize or image –- A computer program meets factory opening. PS2 video game vibes at first. Chill, I love it when music makes me feel like I can breathe. Do you know the feeling? Like it calms you down so much you take in and let out deep breaths so naturally, no anxious shallow ones. I can’t fault Faye. She is simplistic but calm here. She is a human who wants to share her art and so do the instrumentalists. 9/10

Fracture or divide – A long bumpy road. These consistent bongos are good. Sounds like the day off as a funeral and you’re driving home at dusk seeing the orange sky. I was in tears. It’s like you looking to the future after realizing the reality that something has been truly lost. It’s like moving forward after a really hard patch. Peace. Oddly Fuzao feels peaceful given its title. 10/10

Uneasy or unstable – This is a detective or spy movie track. The xylophone accents are so fun. Oh, it’s spacey sounding; we are changing up the genre. No vocals and a transition track. Very MJ and 007 at the same time. 8/10

Where – A party on a cruise. Interesting vocals, sad or melancholic guitars. Ooooo, a little pillow meets death not with that guitar solo. Is Faye disoriented? Are we drunk? Are we just chillin?  8/10

Decadence or degenerate – Oooh, a build up at the beginning. The guitars help continue this relaxing journey. I love that sound. Her vocal control is not matched. A classic beach sounding song, especially with that xylophone. It gives Chungking express meets Selena. 8.5/10

Spoilsport or disappointment – Yassssss, legendary jazz Jackie Khones theme kind of introduction. This is a city song. The piano is well-paced and perfect, so are the strings. This is a ghostly and remorseful journey. Elegant drama, classical sounding sometimes in the background. The drums are telling a story. Pain and empty stares. Her background vocals are so calm. The strumming of the strings and pressing of the keys make me feel present. Haunted, excellent ending. One of my favorite tracks so far. So classy. 10/10

Doomsday or judgment day – This track has a celestial sound. Opening is fun and preparatory. We are about to launch into a magical cosmos. It’s the end of time or at least the end here. We are all gently floating off and away. It picks up with the electric guitar. This song sparkles. There’s a little bell sound in the back, which is nice. The build-up is well-paced. The piano and fading guitar are on point.  10/10

Wild Three Hills – These Faye openings are most always on point and this is no different. Are we saying goodbye here, Miss Faye? I hope not. Excellent strings and flutes. Gentle, faint vocals, the background Faye belts are felt in my emotions. Slowed time? Are we going somewhere? Will we be able to return? Is it heaven, have the clouds closed behind us? The drums and the fadeout are excellent here. We are in our cosmic destination and our guardian angel has returned home. 10/10

This album is an excellent example of the skills attained by the singer and instrumentalists. It gives us a peek into the solutions to our anxiety, our peace. It gives us peace provided there is confrontation with our anxiety before that. I sweat, teared up at points and closed my eyes in peaceful relaxation here. I give Fuzao a 10/10 after my second listen.