PHOTOS: WBB wraps up home contests with double-header split


FHSU vs Lincoln

Olivia Hollenbeck reaches for the ball to give the Tigers the first possession of the game against Lincoln.
Kate Dilsaver is found open for a deep two.
Katie Wagner tries to create an opening down low.
Finding the opening, Wagner takes a shot.
Ellie Stearns knocks down a three.
Sydney Golladay brings down the ball for the Tigers.
Hollenbeck posts up and calls for the ball.
At the block, Hollenbeck places the ball perfectly on the backboard to give Fort Hays another two points.
Emma Ruddle puts up a three that lands for the Tigers, giving them a 17 point lead, which they added to to win the game by 20 points. “We have a lot of shooters on the team who are good at hitting the shots when we need them, but everyone can have an off day where they struggle to put them down. It was nice for me to be able to hit some shots tonight, especially because I’m more of a driver,” said Ruddle. “I’m a double threat and can keep the defense guessing.”
Wagner celebrates the three her teammate made.
Brooke Loewe handles the ball.
Jessie Sallach leaps to catch a pass in the paint.
Megan Earney pulls up for an open three.
Hollenbeck drives for another two.
Wagner and Hollenbeck celebrate a foul call. “It’s great getting a good run from the beginning and not having to fight our way back the entire game. We have bench players that come in and take care of business too,” said Ruddle. “It feels good to be playing well at this part of the season.”

FHSU vs Central Missouri

Olivia Hollenbeck fights for the jump ball to start off the game against 3rd-ranked Central Missouri.
Katie Wagner speaks with the ref after a foul was called.
Emma Ruddle knocks down a three.
Ellie Stearns drains another three.
Wagner with a post move to create space and find room for a shot.
Sydney Golladay watches her teammates run a play.
Wagner drives in with a spin move and grabs a foul for an extra point.
Hollenbeck lobs a shot near the baseline under pressure.
Ruddle spots Wagner and gets her the ball.
Former Tiger, Whitney Randall wasn’t impressed with a call made during the 4th quarter.
Ruddle with another three.
Head coach Tony Hobson runs through a play with the team over timeout.
Golladay with a quick move and drove into the paint.
Jessie Sallach and Wagner discuss the game plan during a lull moment in the game. “Some calls didn’t go our way tonight,” said Sallach. “When nights like this happen, we have to play through contact. Calls aren’t always going to go our way, we just can’t let that get in our heads.”
Sallach with a jumper to give her 15 points on the night. “We made a few mistakes on defense and rebounds killed us,” said Sallach. “But overall we played well offensively.”
Hobson speaks with the ref in the 4th quarter.
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