PHOTOS: Men’s basketball splits over weekend


MBB vs Missouri Western

MBB vs Northwest Missouri State

Bjarni Jonsson with a pregame handshake.
Iyen Enaruna takes on the jump ball for the Tigers.
On defense, Kaleb Hammeke attempts to block an opposing player’s layup.
Gilbert Peters with a shot from the block.
The student section was incredibly loud and supportive of the teams.
Traejon Davis with a huge dunk for the TIgers.
Head coach Mark Johnson exclaims that his player was straight up during a foul call.
Hammeke instructed the offense on a play.
Elijah Nnanabu leaps through defenders for a long lay up.
Peters puts another lane shot on the board.
With an elbow jumper, Hammeke throws up another shot through opposing hands.
Gabe Pieschl drives at the top of the key. The plan going into tonight was to defend, rebound, hold them to one shot, move on offense, and knock down the open shots. “We stuck to the plan for the most part,” said Pieschl. “Some mistakes were made, there were too many turnovers but we played hard and had a chance at the end but it wasn’t the outcome we wanted.”
Jonsson makes some key free throws for the team towards the end of the game.
Enaruna lines up during the free throws.
The crowd and the team jumped up during an exciting 3 point play that was later recalled by the refs due to a foul before the shot came off.
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