HALO celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month on campus


The FHSU Hispanic American Leadership Organization (HALO) has celebrated Hispanic Heritage Month for the past 30 days, from September 15th-October 15th. During this month of celebration, HALO organized several events like Arepas Night, a fellowship event, the Aguas Frescas Event, and the Hispanic Heritage Month Celebration. The President of HALO, Abdiel Trejo, explained his goal for HALO in the upcoming year. 

“This year with HALO I wanted to turn it into a more social and service-based organization,” Trejo said. 

Nearly 15% of on-campus students are Hispanic. Organizations like HALO not only provide a community for Hispanic students but educate other students on cultural traditions and celebrations. Trejo said the Hispanic Heritage Month Celebration was their largest event this month, with almost twice as many students participating than HALO’s goal of 100 attendees. At the celebration, there were arts and crafts, food, and dancing. A church from Bazine, La Luz del Mundo, provided food and drinks to FHSU students. Senior Marisa Sanchez commented on her experience at the celebration. 

“This year’s executive team is doing a great job at having more students get involved in the Hispanic culture and teaching them some interesting information,” Sanchez said. 

Sanzhez, along with other members of FHSU Greek Life, was happy to attend the event. 

“I like supporting other organizations because when my organizations host events, it means a lot to be supported by other students, and we can all relate to how much time and effort it takes to put on events like these,” said Evann Deal, a member of Delta Zeta, Biology club, FHSU Honor Society and the Psychology Club. 

More information about HALO and similar organizations can be found on TigerLink and by following @fhsu_halo for upcoming events. 

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