Black Student Union hosts annual barbeque


Volunteer Jaydan looks over the smoker, as it cooks the meat inside.
Jayden flips some meat inside the smoker, with one attendee watching with another attendee, Benjamin, in the background at the grill.
BSU President Danze Major, attendees Abdiel and Danny in the background, and Benjamin in the foreground as they hang out while the food cooks.
Attendees Devon and Antonio play a game of Cornhole as the food is prepared.
A large crowd of people gather around the food table as the serving begins.
Danzel prepares the various trays of food, including beans and mac and cheese, and people gather around.
A large line of people wait patiently for the food to be served.
One of the BBQ servers, Danny, assesses the burgers on the griddle.
Danzel pours some dressing onto attendee Ben’na’s salad.
Danny, Abdiel and Benjamin hanging out near the grill.
Some attendees sit, talk, and eat on a small brick wall during the BBQ.
Attendees Yesse, Noah, and Daniela sit and eat next to each other.
Attendees Abdiel, Alexis, and Bryan have a chat, with two of them enjoying some burgers while the other enjoys some pouched juice.
Attendee Lydia stands near fellow attendees Ben’na and Odalys, the latter two enjoying some good food.
Lydia and her friend Jericha pose for the camera with their plates of burgers, beans and mac and cheese.
Jayden stands next to the smoker, while Benjamin serves some hot dogs to an eager attendee.
Attendees Moriah and Deleon both smile for the camera, showing their plates of goods.
Jayden pours some oil onto the smoker, letting the chicken inside get some heat from the flames.
A group of friends, including Yesse, Noah, Daniela, and fellow attendee Vanessa sit around and play a board game.
One final look at the food table as the crowd has dispersed.

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