Gamers compete on Madden 23


Touchdowns were made in Cunningham Hall on Tuesday after another gaming session of Madden 23. Players met to talk about Madden and the current NFL scene while gaming on the Playstation console.

The FHSU Madden scene is casual, but players at the event are satisfied with the recognition their game receives on both the mainstream and local levels. 

“I would say it gets quite a bit,” said one of the attending players comparing it to the Mortal Kombat competitive scene. 

“It’s one of the bigger tournaments every year.” 

The casualness of the group was made apparent when asked for thoughts on anxiety performance. “Just try to have fun with it,” said another eventgoer who along with the others that attended, doesn’t practice outside of events. 

Discussion of current NFL affairs was made over pizza and ice cream provided at the gaming session, making for a good environment for any football fan to attend and exchange their thoughts with one another about the sport. 

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