Cantrip N’ Fall welcomes adventurers every Thursday


Druids, elves, witches, and warlocks united on Thursday at Cantrip N’ Fall – FHSU’s campus’ DnD and Magic The Gathering Club. While there are several seasoned players attending meetings, the club was founded as a way to teach others how to play. 

“A lot of people won’t come in because they think they’re not good enough or because they think they don’t have enough experience, but the club was founded on teaching people how to play and bringing people together, so all are welcome and they shouldn’t be scared of coming in,” Club Treasurer and Secretary Sara Felvus said.

There is a $5 fee to join the club, but according to Felvus, that fee is used to buy resources so beginners of the club can effortlessly start their adventures. 

The leaders of the group pay special attention so that anyone, no matter their experience level, is taken care of when they walk through the doors, especially since many of the members just started playing within the last year themselves. 

Even Drayton Pletcher, the head of the Magic the Gathering table, only started physically playing the game last year after watching videos of others for years. Pletcher is happy the club exists in order to give him an escape to play the game with like-minded individuals. He also said if you don’t have a starter deck and want to try MtG out, he has four extra decks so small groups can play without their own materials. 

So for those who want a fun, social break from class, Cantrip N’ Fall welcomes all with open arms at 6:30 p.m. every Thursday in Memorial Union’s Stouffer Lounge.

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