What It Takes To Be a Tiger: For the Love of Basketball


It’s another year and another semester at Fort Hays State, which means more looks behind the scenes of FHSU’s best and brightest through What it takes to be a Tiger. 

Kicking off 2022’s stories is sophomore Katie Wagner. Wagner is from Wichita and majors in accounting with plans of eventually getting a master’s in accounting or dual majoring in accounting and finance. 

Despite being a full-time student, Wagner is also on the highly successful FHSU women’s basketball team. 

“This is my second year on the basketball team; however, this year is still considered my “freshman” year due to last year being affected by COVID,” Wagner said. 

Wagner admits through being involved on the basketball team, the road trips, her major, etc., she has learned a lot about time management and how to balance all that she is spending time doing. 

“I love being a student-athlete, I think it has really helped me build a lot of life skills especially time management. Between practices, games, road trips, classes, and keeping up with homework it can be a lot to juggle at times but I find it very rewarding,” Wagner said. “I write almost everything in my planner which helps me stay organized and get everything done on time.”

For Wagner, it’s also important to her to prioritize her time between all that she does. 

“ I believe that you make time for things that are important to you so I stay diligent in keeping up with my studies, continuing to pursue my relationship with God, working on my craft of basketball, spending time with friends, and staying connected with my family,” Wagner said. 

 For Wagner, her favorite part of being on the team is the memories made with her teammates. 

“The basketball team here has already brought me so many amazing memories. The friendships I have built with my teammates will truly last a lifetime,” Wagner said.

But of those memories, her favorite is the win, not once, but twice, in one week against Nebraska-Kearney. 

“One of my favorite memories was last year playing Nebraska-Kearney, who is one of our big rivals, twice in one week and beating them both times. Celebrating with my team on the court and in the locker room after our home game win against them was one that I will never forget,” she said. 

Wagner has also proven herself to be a leader on the basketball court, and Grace Eck, a freshman on the team, has witnessed just the leader that Wagner is, on and off the team. 

“Katie is the epitome of a great teammate, she works her butt off every day and sets the tone for the FHSU women’s basketball team,” Eck said.

But for Wagner, her passions in life doesn’t just stop at basketball. Wagner states that her biggest passion in life is her faith, and leading by example. 

“I would say the thing I am most passionate about is my faith. Nothing brings me more true bliss and happiness than the love found in Jesus Christ,” Wagner said. “I am very passionate about leading by example and trying to show Jesus’ light through how I go through my day-to-day life. I am still learning every day and I strive to be the best version of myself that I can be.”

What makes Wagner a Tiger is being involved in a community where everyone wants to see you succeed and has your best interests at heart. 

“For me, being a Tiger means being a part of a community that has your back. I learned very early on in my time here that faculty, coaches, and even other students have your best interests at heart and want to help you achieve your goals not just as a student or a player but in life,” she said. “I am very proud to be able to represent FHSU on the basketball court and I hope to portray the Tigers well.”

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