What it takes to be a Tiger: How Greek Life Shaped A New Beginning


Photos courtesy Arika Bieberle

When senior Arika Bieberle transferred to Fort Hays State University from Barton Community College, she knew she wanted to join Greek Life. Little did she know just how much that was going to change her life.


“It was always on my mind to join a sorority when I transferred and went to the back-to-school picnic with my friend. She talked me into going through formal recruitment with her,” Bieberle said.

After much deliberation and talking to all of the sororities on campus, Bieberle rushed and got a bid for Alpha Sigma Alpha. 

“I was following my friend and wanted to join the same sorority as her which was Alpha Gamma Delta. On bid day when I got my bid from Alpha Sigma Alpha and she got Alpha Gamma Delta, I was a little sad that we weren’t gonna be able to share the exact same experience,” she said. “However, I am a true believer that things happen for a reason, and I am forever grateful for my sorority, my sisters, my advisors, and Greek Life.”

Since being in Alpha Sigma Alpha, Bieberle has taken being in Greek Life to new levels. She joined the Panhellenic Council as a vice president, and due to unforeseen circumstances, she would have the opportunity to step into the president position. 

“Being Panhellenic president was definitely a big step. I knew I wanted to be on the board of Panhellenic Council and I started as vice president,” she said. “Then situations happened and I stepped up as President and was excited to take on this position. It has helped me grow as a woman and learn more about my fellow Panhellenic sisters.”

A big part of being Panhellenic president is helping potential new members or PMNs find their sorority. Bieberle states that this process is one of her favorite parts of being Panhellenic president. 

“My favorite part of being president is being able to help with formal recruitment after having to do it all virtually. Seeing all the PNM’s find their home. I love seeing what other chapters are doing as well and watch them grow as mine does as well,” Bieberle said.

Being actively involved with her sorority and being the leader of the Panhellenic Council doesn’t always allow time for extra involvement in other activities, but Bieberle knows that she is a student first, and a Greek life member second. 

“It was definitely a bit of a challenge, I find it hard to say no at times. You have to remember why you are here. I am a student first then a sorority woman. As harsh as that might seem, that is something Greek Life understands and wants to succeed in,” Bieberle said. “Having good grades is a must, and what we take pride in. For me balancing between school and Greek life took a bit to figure out, but knowing when you have events and getting your homework done before is the incentive. They’re here for you if you are struggling with your schoolwork.”

Someone who has witnessed her talents with being a leader not only in her sorority but on Panhellenic Council as well is Jenna Confer. Confer and Bieberle have both been a part of Alpha Sigma Alpha and share a love for lifting each other up and being a leader. 

“Arika gives it her all in everything she does and always has the biggest smile on her face while doing it,” Confer said. “She loves being involved on campus and has been a fabulous sister of Alpha Sigma Alpha since 2018.”

Something that Bieberle is also passionate about is music. Growing up, she found a niche for music and still continues to enjoy playing and listening to music today. 

“Music led me to play an instrument, although I wasn’t sure which one to play. After some back and forth deciding I chose the Cello. I fell in love with it,” Bieberle said. “Music is a way of bonding with people. It heals, helps, makes, or breaks everyone. It means a lot to me and it is something I share with people and has so many benefits and special feelings for me.”

For Bieberle, being a Tiger is being authentic and celebrating others, as well as always pushing yourself and others to be the best version of themselves. 

“Being a Tiger to me means trying your best at everything you do, and being you! Helping when you can for your community, college, friends, or teachers. Being your most authentic self is all anyone can ask for and what you deserve to be,” Bieberle said. “Being a Tiger also means accepting everyone who they are no matter what they look like, believe or do. There are so many people that come to FHSU and you make wonderful connections with everyone from all over the US or out. Being a Tiger is something I will cherish when I graduate this December.”

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