Student senators discuss campus safety


Recently, the Student Government Association participated in the annual safety walk.

Alongside University Police Chief Ed Howell, the executive staff walked the campus looking for safety issues such as poorly lit areas.

The results of the walk became the dominant theme of Thursday’s SGA meeting as the executive staff referenced it throughout the evening.

Administrative Assistant Jayden Siebert introduced the topic during her report, telling the senators that they found lights that needed replacing and an emergency call box that needed fixing.

According to the staff members, the walk was insightful into the safety of the campus. Howell even discussed how the university is addressing the regulation of Bird scooters on campus.

These electric scooters, which were introduced to the city of Hays the previous spring, have become popular for students, especially as a method of getting to class.

But because of their popularity, the scooters are left around campus, occasionally in large groups. One senator even raised a concern that they were being left on the grass and wondered if the university had a way to regulate the scooters on campus.

“We did learn that Chief Howell was working on negotiating a contract with the company.”

Also in the meeting, the student senators heard from Joe Bain, FHSU’s general counsel.

Bain explained his role on campus as a legal advisor. He also teaches a higher education law class and chairs the Critical Incident Policy Group, which was responsible for enacting the University’s COVID-19 protocols.

“My one client is the University,” Bain said.

Following Bain, SGA President Mark Faber reported information he learned from the Faculty Senate.

According to Faber, the Faculty Senate is planning to send a survey over Workday to campus faculty members. The University is considering adding a new method of course delivery in addition to online and in-person classes.

“They’re thinking about a third modality that would be hybrid classes,” Faber said.

Other reports came from the Student Relations Committee, which is planning a week-long event during finals and Shine a Light on Nov. 15

The Student Success Committee also reported that it was looking to gauge student success through Blackboard analytics and the emotional benchmarks of growth, belonging and purpose.

Before the evening came to a close, the student senators held their open forum where they discussed the issue of the Bird scooters.

They also discussed making the student activity fee available on TigerLink in order for students to know what their fees are going toward.

The Student Government Association will reconvene at 7:00 p.m. on Nov. 11 in the Robbins Center.

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