Immunologist visits with FHSU Spanish-speaking students


Last Friday, Immunologist Dr. Luz Cumba-Garcia visited Fort Hays State University to speak about her career on campus. However, Cumba-Garcia wanted to engage with the Latin community and communicate with them about life and careers. 

Cumba-Garcia made a reservation during lunchtime to talk with Spanish-speaking students about her educational experience. She talked with the students about career challenges and different approaches to careers that can be done with having a degree. She also mentions her journey and career through science, internships, and research.

“I would like everyone to be successful and to pursue a higher degree because I think nowadays, it’s better to have a more advanced degree in order to be more successful in job opportunities,” she said.

Cumba-Garcia hopes that students will pursue internships and other opportunities that will help them in their future careers and explore the different options that are available to them.

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