SGA holds weekly meeting, passes rollover bill


In their weekly meeting on Thursday night, the Fort Hays State University Student Government Association gave a brief account to staff and committee activities.

During this time, they also voted on three bills, one of which was moved from new business to emergency business in order for the student senators to conduct a vote on it that evening.

Previously, the SGA had allowed student organizations to utilize rollover funding from the previous year for activities in the current academic year. The organization made this decision knowing that many student organizations had trips and activities cut short by the COVID-19 pandemic, which left them with large amounts of rollover.

The bill the SGA moved to emergency business then passed on Thursday night made all rollover from the previous year void in June 2021.

In addition to this rollover bill, the SGA passed bills granting a line item change to the FHSU Interfraternity Council and allocating funds to the Alpha Gamma Delta sorority for their virtual National Leadership Conference.

Apart from these votes, the Student Senate heard a few short reports from executive staff members and committee chairs.

Both President Haley Reiter and Legislative Affairs Director Crystal Rojas spoke on the most recent meeting with the Student Emergency Assistance Fund committee.

The committee was able to grant $200 to a student. They also hope to connect the fund to the upcoming Day of Giving in order to continue assisting students financially.

In her report, Rojas also spoke of meeting with her fellow LADs at other Kansas universities to discuss Higher Education Day. She reminded the senators that this year’s focus will be on funding for higher education and mental health services, and any student interested in participating should contact her.

Her final point was to remind the senators that free legal counseling will be available to students this month.

Though the session is scheduled for Feb. 23, students with legal matters who cannot wait until then are welcome to contact Rojas to schedule an appointment before then.

Before concluding the meeting, Vice President Bryson Homman informed the Student Senate that there are currently no student senators representing the College of Education. He encouraged them to speak to constituents and encourage them to apply.

“We can’t represent everybody if there’s no one for one [college],” Homman said.

With no other business, the meeting adjourned.

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