SGA calls emergency meeting to discuss Allocations Bill and funding


As a result of Fort Hays State University’s decision on Monday to cancel on-campus classes and university activities for the week, the Student Government Association called an emergency meeting Monday night.

Originally planned for Thursday, the Student Senate as well as representatives of on-campus organizations assembled to discuss and vote on the Allocations Bill and resolutions pertaining to funding.

As the meeting began, SGA President Brad DeMers urged all assembled to stay positive in the wake of the situation.

“We are all Tigers,” he said.

Though the meeting focused on fees and allocations, it began with announcements from Student Senate’s executive staff. This included Community Relations Director Jacki Dougherty informing everyone in attendance that this spring’s Big Event, which would have seen students and faculty participating in service projects across the Hays area, was canceled.

In addition, they discussed reimbursements for students living in the residence halls. At the time of the emergency meeting, there was no word on the status of reimbursements.

The six resolutions planned for first reading on Thursday were the annual and biannual fee reviews and fees for Tiger Debs, Tiger Media Network, University Activities Board and Safe Ride. These resolutions were read Monday night then moved to emergency business.

According to DeMers, it was essential to vote on the resolutions as they “have to send fee reviews to KBOR for approval.” This would be difficult for the SGA to do without meeting in person.

The student senators passed the annual and biannual fee reviews. They likewise passed the TMN resolution, which saw a funding increase, the UAB resolution, which saw a funding decrease, and the Safe Ride resolution, which saw a funding increase.

The only original resolution that did not pass was that of Tiger Debs as a result of them filing for funding late. Representatives of Tiger Athletics were present to appeal, telling senators the late filing was a result of a communication failure. An amendment eventually was passed to allow partial funding for Tiger Debs.

Following the votes on the resolutions, the SGA began the second reading of the Allocations Bill, which provides funding to on-campus student organizations. As a result, student representatives from across campus were present at the emergency meeting.

During the second reading of a discussion of the bill, student representatives were able to appeal for their organizations and answer questions regarding their proposed funding.

Organizations such as Tigers in Service, Catholic Disciples and Encounter were discussed.

The representative of Tigers in Service appealed to receive funding as the organization was to receive no funding for missing its hearing. Because Tigers in Service was able to have a second hearing, the SGA passed an amendment allocating the organization $5,000.

Encounter and Catholic Disciples, too, received an amendment to the Allocations Bill. This amendment moved $750 to each organization.

Prior to voting on the bill, the student senators also discussed the Rodeo Club’s request for insurance of their animals, including the organization’s cattle. This discussion centered on whether allowing insurance would set a precedent for future organizations.

With the conclusion of the discussion, the SGA voted on and passed the Allocations Bill.

Though this would be the final formal Student Senate meeting of the year, DeMers reminded the senators that this is still a time in which they can work for their constituents.

“[The disconnect from campus is] a great experience for our senators because now they get to be virtual students,” DeMers said. 

Disconnect is the top concern of virtual students, so he believes this is an opportunity to find ways to better serve the online population.

As the discussion came to a close, the final SGA meeting came to an end.

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