Superbowl Delish Delivery: Local Businesses prepare for big game


The Superbowl is one of the most celebrated days in the world of American sports, with one of the most core aspects of it being the food enjoyed while watching the big game. It’s easy to get caught up in the hurricane of savory goods, so one must ask themself what is the process like to provide the variety of crunchy and saucy snacks so commonly associated with the biggest game in football? In the two interviews held with two very different establishments, that answer can hopefully be found for the citizens of Hays Kansas. 

When asked how the Superbowl affected their business and deliveries of local favorite, Lomato’s Pizza, owner Ryan Longpine had this to say:

“The Superbowl is easily one of our top 5 busiest days of the year. Selling mostly Pizza And wings, and selling a lot of it. Since the Chiefs are playing this year, we’re taking the time and preparing to be slammed all night.” 

However, for Hays’s Jimmy John’s owner, Matt Berry, the “big game” tells a different story involving different kinds of food.

“While our work is normal during the day, once the game starts our business actually slows down,” Berry said.

He said other food types come to mind when the Superbowl rolls around. 

“When you think of Superbowl foods, you think of things like little smokies, chips, pizza, chicken wings, things that you can get in bulk and feed a lot of people with,” Berry said. “So you’re going to go to places like Dillon’s, Pizza places, stuff like that for the food you want.” 

In the end, whether it be fried wings, cheesy pizza, or cold cut sandwiches. The Superbowl is an event that leaves an impact on businesses both local and national. 

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