After 50-Year Hiatus, Chiefs Fans Ready for Superbowl


There will be plenty of excitement throughout Kansas for the Super Bowl between the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers. Chiefs fans around Haysare also excited about the big game this Sunday. With an abundance of questions regarding what to expect, the big game can’t get here soon enough. 

What do fans want to see from star quarterback Patrick Mahomes? How confident are they in the Chiefs being able to pull out the victory? Most of all if they win, what will Chiefs fans do to celebrate Kansas City’s first Super Bowl win in 50 years? The general consensus of the group is that many are eager to watch the game on Sunday. 

“I’m very excited,” Zak Jacobo said. “I like the way our defense has been playing recently.” 

Meanwhile, Dakota Rowlison says, “I’ve been a fan since I was a child. So if they were to win, it’d almost be like a dream come true.” 

There are many people that are obviously watching the Chiefs play in the Super Bowl for the first time. David Gray says, “50 years… it’s about time right?”

Nationally, people believe this should be a pretty evenly matched Super Bowl game. The Chiefs have been a one-point favorite, according to Vegas betting sites. However, these Chiefs fans feel pretty confident that their team will pull out the victory. 

“I think they win by seven,” Bransen Schulte said. Jacobo added, “We have a good chance with how their run offense is going. And our offense is playing, we have a lot of potential to pull off this game.” 

Many fans of Kansas City may have nervous feelings, due to the team’s prior history; however, most people feel much more calm with Mahomes as the starting quarterback.

Mahomes already has an MVP award to his name. In just his second season as the starter, he could become the first QB to win a Super Bowl under the age 25. There is generally at least one highlight-reel play that we see from Mahomes in each game. 

“I know he’s going to play great. Hopefully he can get it off to a fast start,” said Rowlison. “I’ve been seeing a lot of videos this week, where he’s been practicing those no-look passes. If he were to do that in the Super Bowl, hand him the MVP trophy right now.” 

, “I’m ready to see him get outside the pocket, use his legs a little bit more and get some throws on the run that he’s so famous for,” Schulte said. 

What will Mahomes have in store down in Miami? There will be some expectations, but it could still involve something that is surprising.

Though compared to the season before, this Kansas City team is much more complete. The defense has taken strides and put opponents on notice. What about some other players that could make an impact on Sunday? 

“Honestly, I think Mecole Hardman will maybe explode this weekend. Because I think they’re [the 49ers]  going to try to double team Kelce and Hill,” says Jacobo. 

On the other hand, Schulte has his eyes on tight end Travis Kelce. 

“I think he’s going to have a great game. He’s always been good about finding those soft spots in the zones.” 

Finally, Rowlison is anticipating another receiver, Tyreek Hill, will have a monster game. 

“If Tyreek Hill is lined up with Richard Sherman, I don’t think Richard Sherman can hang with him at all. He’s a zone corner. You can’t play zone on Tyreek Hill.”

Obviously, there will be happiness if the Chiefs are able to emerge victorious. There will also be some tears. Fans have waited for a long time to see Kansas City hoist the Lombardi Trophy. 

“I’m probably going to cry first. Then, I’ll probably have to take some shots to calm myself down,” said Rowlison. 

“Lots of tears. Jacobo mentioned, “I’ll be in Salina with my dad and other family that have been Chiefs fans for my whole life. So, I think it will be pretty fun.” 

Other fans are not quite sure how they will react. Maybe they will make some plans to head up to Kansas City?

“I’ll be happy for them,” Gray said. “I’m not going to go crazy. I’m sure there will be some Youtube reactions.” 

“Maybe we should go to KC and see the parade, see all the players. That’d be pretty cool,” Schulte said. 

Based on the fans’ responses, there will be many different ways to celebrate if the Chiefs win the Super Bowl. The Chiefs and 49ers kickoff at 5:30 CST on Fox.

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