SGA holds weekly meeting, hears updates


After a busy week from their executive staff members, the Student Government Association held their weekly meeting on Nov. 21.

President DeMers, as he told the student senators, spent the week in meetings. This included a Student Government Association Conference in Los Angeles, California. When he returned to campus, he attended FHSU’s Open Educational Resource Committee meeting with University Provost Dr. Jill Arensdorf. He then confirmed that the committee is moving forward with the $12 OER course fee proposal.

Later in the week, DeMers attended the Kansas Board of Regents meeting in Pittsburgh, Kansas with University President Mason, Provost Arensdorf Legislative Affairs Director Wisley. Wisley elaborated on this during her report.

Before he concluded his report, DeMers informed the senators that a leadership team would be formed for the Multicultural Task Force. He also announced that a sidewalk that will be installed between the President’s residence and Stroup Hall.

Vice President Musgrove gave his report following DeMers. According to him, the General Education Committee worked on the faculty advisory panels that will be put into place according to the new general education plan. The new general education plan will also go into effect Fall 2021.

Musgrove also took this time to let the senators know that he enjoyed attending Culture and Conversation with other members of the SGA during the week. During the event, he as well as the other attendees met international students for conversations and new connections.

During her report, LAD Wisley, announced that a voter registration drive will be held this coming August through October of 2020. This drive is in conjunction with the League of Women Voters and has the goal of registerstering 250 voters during these months.

After this announcement, Wisley then explained more about the KBOR meeting. At this meeting, it was confirmed that changes would be made to this year’s Higher Education Day. In the past, this day saw students from all KBOR institutions coming together to petition the state government for support of higher education. This year, each institution will attend individually.

During the final portion of her report was in regards to the Finding Common Ground event that allowed students to discuss a variety of issues. According to Wisley, this event prompted the beginning of a project to assist DACA students at FHSU.

Community Relations Director Dougherty gave the final executive report. During this time, she informed the student senators that she spent her week planning for the Landlord Fair as well as for the promotional videos for the SGA and on-campus free legal counseling. Before she concluded her report, she reminded the senators that they always represent the SGA and that they can always bring ideas for addressing issues on campus.

The committee reports followed the executive reports.

The Appropriations Committee stated that it had one request, one bill up for first reading and three bills up for second reading. 

The Legislative and Political Action Committee discussed the new plans for Higher Education Day as well as the problems with Safe Ride funding.

The Senate Affairs Committee reported that they finished their executive staff reviews this week and asked the senators to fill out the survey that was sent to them.

The Allocations Committee gave the last report. They informed the senators that the first allocations workshop was held the previous Monday. At the present, the SGA is also receiving positive reviews of the new allocations tool.

One bill and three waivers were then read by the Student Senate for the first time. This was followed by passing one waiver for funding for the Global Leadership Project and two bills appropriating funding to student organizations. The first bill was for a trip the Accounting Club took to visit employers in Denver while the second was for the Arts for Social Change group to bring in an artist for a collaborative art project.

A third bill for appropriating funding to student Joseph Gunderson for a trip to a Philadelphia, Pennsylvania conference failed. Gunderson, who attended the night’s meeting, answered the Student Senate’s questions regarding comments to individuals he left on online platforms. Deeming these comments and conduct ill-representative of Fort Hays State University, the senators did not vote in favor of the bill.

Following their votes on the bills, the meeting concluded. The Student Senate will reconvene on Dec. 6 at 7 p.m.

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