Tiger Team Kicks Off Another Year With aTrip to the Pumpkin Patch

By Rylee Bretton

“T-I-G-E-R Tigers Tigers who we are. Where are the Tigers at? The Tigers are over here!” Many incoming FHSU students have heard this chant while participating in a pre-enrollment session. This is one of the many staples our Tiger Team is known for.

Tiger Team is a group of students who show a love for FHSU and want to show its greatness to all students. The team has many responsibilities on campus. Some of these responsibilities include tabling, freshman pre-enrollment, transfer pre-enrollment, HCI, Golden Beginnings, and Welcome Weekend.

To integrate returning Tiger Team members and new ones, members visited a pumpkin patch in  Ellis. This served as the group’s first social event of the year. 

The event was possible with the help of Student Assistant for Student Engagement, Fatima Contreras. 

“We hosted this event so returners along with new members could meet our new staff members,” Contreras said. “I also thought this would serve as a perfect opportunity to get a feel of what it will be like being a part of the Tiger Team outside of trainings that will take place next semester.”

The Cottage Lane Pumpkin Patch served as a perfect location for students to have a good time. 

“With Halloween coming up right around the corner, I thought it would be a good idea to take students to a pumpkin patch,” Contreras said. “The idea came easy.”

At the pumpkin patch, students were able to see different animals including pigs, goats, chickens, and a goose. Students could compete through a corn maze, look at different merchandise, go on a hay-rack ride, and pick a pumpkin. Apple cider was also made and samples were given to all students. 

The pumpkin patch had a fantastic turnout.

“I believe the event was a major success. A lot of students came out and they were all engaged with one another. They also all had a lot of fun,” Contreras said.

For students, this was the perfect time to connect with friends they have not seen for a while, make new friends, and have fun.

“I loved the apple cider. It was delicious,’ said new Tiger Team member Amari McGlory. “I also had a fun time with friends and had the chance to meet new people, also.”

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