Rock on Back to The Alternatives


Music lovers rocked out in Frontier Park Saturday, Sept. 21 at the Rockalooa Music Festival which takes place each year in Hays. Music filled the wind and trees all day and a plethora of people came to the park to enjoy the 1990’s esque music, accompanied by food trucks, and art sales from local artists.

“Rockalooa was a thrilling experience with people of many different cultures coming together to enjoy alternative music and rock. The vendors were a good addition to the show giving people a place to eat, enjoy art, and listen to music. The beer garden provided a place for adults to have fun and experience their favorite bands and even new interest in bands,” one attendee said.

 Pop and New wave listeners come from far and wide to enjoy the experience of live bands, covers of the original hits of their best times, and listen with excitement to the upcoming artists of Kansas. Parents brought children to enjoy the experience as well; while other adults enjoyed the perks of the beer garden availability. and other local businesses sponsored this event. From group bands like; Radio Active and  Buildings Like Mountains, a duo such as Dangerously Biased, and individual singers Kujo or Cash Hollistah and many more these artists sang and played their hearts out for Hays Kansas. 

Several of these artists generated from Hays, Salina, Wamego, Wichita, and Lawrence; with some making an appearance from Denver, CO or Kansas City, MO. They sold t-shirts and posters throughout the day into the night. 
If you are at all interested in checking out what’s going to be in store for the following years check out the Rock Hays website to answer questions, find artists, get involved with next year’s event and join the fun.

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