Say Cheese With AGD!




Anyone missing homemade meals was in luck this week as Alpha Gamma Delta (AGD) hosted its annual Mac n’ Cheese event. This Wednesday, September 18th, one of Fort Hays State philanthropies is fighting hunger which is associated with the girls of Alpha Gamma. These girls put lots of hard work into what they do for their community, which is something young pupils can look up to. With their spirit toward loving, leading, and a lasting impact.

The Vice President of Alpha Gamma Delta, Taylor Galbraith, enjoyed her experience with the event.

“This is our 2nd year hosting Mac and Cheese with AGD,” Galbraith said. “Alpha Gamma Delta’s philanthropic focus is fighting hunger and Mac and Cheese is becoming our signature event to support our philanthropy.” 

AGD also had more than just mac and cheese; they had desserts from cheesecake to cupcakes, which were amazing for the kids in attendance as well. Alpha Gamma Delta catered the homemade mac’s with extra cheese and other toppings such as; jalapenos, bacon bits, and little weenies in their home. The local police department donated pans of the delicious dish with its own twist.

The women in Alpha Gamma Delta are just as excited as they can be for years to come. 

“We can’t wait to see how much more it grows in the next coming years. We really enjoy this event and It’s great to see the community of Hays come together for such a great cause,” Galbraith said. 

This event will be cherished by the students involved, the townspeople being helped, and more and more years to come. As we all know, you can never go wrong with good ol’ macaroni and cheese.

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