FHSU Celebrates Constitution Day with Then and Now Interpretation


On Monday, September 16, the American Democracy Project celebrated Constitution Day with a presentation about the pivotal document. The original motive for this document was to create a government to distribute the nation’s power to its people. Branches of government, legislative executive and judicial, were formed to keep the country from establishing a dictatorship.

In order to divide up the power between these three branches of government, there exists checks and balances. Not only does the federal government have power, but whatever is left up for debate the individual states have power as well. Our government was not only given duties, but it also received limits of power. This piece of parchment has instructions on how the election system is to work. Lastly, this chronicle outlines the individual rights and freedoms of the people, which were given by the government.

Odalis Jimenez, coordinator for American Democracy Project said changing times should dictate how the constitution is interpreted.

“As we progress in the future the nation as a whole must move forward, and so with the development of society, the constitution should be appropriately interpreted to reflect the new era,” Jimenez said. 

This is a great way to think about our country developing as we think forward in becoming its upcoming voters for the future’s direction.

This particular event in the library was giving out shirts in the union and library on Tuesday. The purpose of this was to go through the process of what was placed in this constitution. Think about what issues can be resolved if we continue to produce answers that follow our free-thinking nation. We could express the core concerns of arguments, in order to shape a more specific solution.

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