Hispanic Heritage Month Kicks Off With Taco Feed



Did somebody say free tacos? FHSU students gathered on the quad on Friday, September 13, to celebrate the beginning of Hispanic Heritage Month.

This event was made possible by the staff of Student Engagement and also the kitchen staff at Cancun Mexican Grill.

Hispanic Heritage Month is celebrated September 15th through October 15. Throughout this month, people recognize the contributions of Hispanic and Latino Americans to the country’s history and culture. 

The meaning of Hispanic Heritage Month has a special purpose for some students:

“The Hispanic Heritage month means a lot to me and my family,” FHSU student Adriana Cervantes said. “This month helps me feel connected with my culture and my birthplace (Mexico) due to being so far away. I love that FHSU celebrates this month because it makes me feel like I’m home. For my family, this month is special, because they lived their whole life in Mexico. They miss their country so much. Days like these help them remember where they come from.” 

“I believe America is a place that is made up of rich cultures. For instance, there is Native American month and African American month, Hispanic Heritage month is one of those months that pays a great tribute to Hispanic culture and its community,” student Nate Del Rio said. “It is a month where others have the chance to understand the Hispanic culture in a deeper sense and also learn about the Hispanic figures that have contributed to American history.”

Student Engagement hosted this event a few days early to “kick-off” the month. At the event, there was a table set up with different pamphlets and flyers that gave students a deeper understanding of what this month is all about. Students were able to gain information they may have not known before.

Students were also able to eat food, listen to Hispanic music, and have a good time with friends.

Student Engagement will have a few other events throughout Hispanic Heritage Month. Students can check their email or stop by their office in the basement of the Memorial Union for more information.

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