SGA installs four student justices


The Student Government Association held their weekly meeting on September 12. Few members and committees gave reports during this time.

President Brad DeMers told the Student Senate that he and Vice President Michael Musgrove would be in Topeka to discuss Open Educational Resources with SGA executive officers from other universities.

Early in the week, DeMers presented Dead Week policy, which would establish whether the FHSU recognizes Dead Week before Finals Week. During Thursday night’s meeting, he gave the Senators an update on how that policy was received.

According to DeMers, the faculty met it with mixed reviews. Many members were against the proposed policy while others were in full support. Currently, the policy is going through one of the Faculty Senate committees.

In the previous meeting, there was discussion amongst the senators regarding the twelve code violations Chartwells, the university’s meal provider, received.

DeMers reported that the SGA will continue to look into the situation, but a Chartwells representative will be present at the next Student Senate meeting.

Following DeMers, Vice President Musgrove gave his weekly report.

According to Musgrove, the intent-to-run forms for Freshman, KAMS, and Virtual Student Senate closed earlier in the week. There were fifteen forms turned in with candidates already campaigning and an informational meeting to be held for them.

The SGA elections for Freshman and KAMS students will open September 18 and close September 19.

Musgrove went on to explain that the SGA is still waiting to learn enrollment numbers to know how many seats to make available on the Student Senate. When they learn this, applications for the remainder of the student body will open.

Administrative Assistant Cunningham gave the final executive report of the night.

At the previous meeting, Cunningham announced that a new dining option is being considered for the Memorial Union. Now, students are able to vote on which option they would prefer.

The only committee that reported was the Scholarship Environment Committee. This was to say that they are looking to put an emphasis on research relationships between faculty and students.

At the end of the meeting, the SGA voted on the bill to place four student justices on the Student Court. Two of the four were present at the meeting to answer questions the Senate had for them.

The bill to install all four justices was then passed.

Before the meeting concluded, there were two announcements. The first was regarding Alpha Gamma Delta’s Mac ‘n Cheese fundraiser.

The second was that the Hispanic American Leadership Organization would be serving free tacos from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. the following day to begin celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month.

The Student Senate will reconvene on September 19, at 7 p.m.

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