University Activities Board Hosts ‘Live Mario Kart’



“1, 2, 3, GO!!” On Friday, September 6, FHSU students had the chance to watch a childhood-favorite video game to life with the help of the University Activities Board as Live Mario Kart raced around the FHSU campus.

“This was an event we wanted to put together last year for the students, but could not find creative ways to make the event successful,” said Citlalli Cobian, chair of entertainment. “With the summer to come up with fresh ideas, the idea of buying tricycles came about. In the Wii game, characters race around a course in a vehicle of their choice. Buying the tricycles and racing around the course gave them the same adrenaline rush that the video game provides.”

Many more creative ideas were added to make the game come alive. In the video game, players can collect “mystery boxes.” Within these boxes are different types of power-ups that allow the player to go faster, hit other opponents with shells, drop banana peels, and much more. Because this aspect is a big highlight of the game, UAB provided its own “power-ups.”

If staff members saw participants trailing behind the crowd, there were there to push you and give you your own personal boost. But some of these “power-ups” can also cause harm to other participants. UAB members were on the sideline of the court to hit participants with bananas, water balloons, and powder. The course also incorporated “roadblocks” that students had to weave around. 

After a student completed two laps around the track, banana splits were provided and the chance to win an Amazon Echo. 

The event was fun for both UAB members and students. 

“Overall, we wanted to plan an event that was creative, where students could have fun, have some friendly competition, and get messy,” said Cobian. 

For students who attended, it was an opportunity for a study break and a chance to get out of their dorm. 

“I enjoyed the fact that I was able to compete against my friends. It was funny to watch them get hit with water balloons. It was also a fun way to take a break from being cooped up in my dorm,” said FHSU student Crystal Ayala.

UAB has many more fun events coming up. These events include Comedian, Dust Slay, a Drive-In Movie, and Music Trivia! They also have meetings every Tuesday at 4:30. 

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