SGA addresses concerns about on-campus dining


The focus of this week’s Student Senate meeting was student concerns about Chartwell’s, which is the company that provides food on the Fort Hays State campus.

The meeting began, however, with reports from the executive staff.

President DeMers stated that he met with students this week regarding their concerns. He also announced that the SGA will purchase the “Budget” function on TigerLink. This tool is specifically for allocations tools; the goal of this is to make the allocations process easier for students and their organizations.

Besides this, DeMers had meetings regarding a visit to Topeka, the new SGA website, and with President Mason to propose this year’s Big Event. In the coming week, he will propose the Dead Week policy to the Faculty Senate.

Vice President Musgrove visited Freshman Seminar classes this week to promote Student Government to the new students. He also reminded the senators that intent-to-run forms for the upcoming Freshman, KAMS, and Virtual Student elections are open until Monday. Candidates will then have to attend a mandatory meeting.

Musgrove also gave a report from the General Education Committee. This included a positive correlation the committee has found between Freshman passing required classes, such as Personal Wellness and College Algebra, and returning in the fall for the third semester.

In her report, Legislative Affairs Director Wisley reminded the senators that debates will be held at FHSU on October 15 and 22.

This report was followed by the Community Relation Director Dougherty’s. She announced that she spent this week drafting a new SGA radio ad to play in the Memorial Union.

Dougherty also gave more information on the SGA Town Hall that will take place on October 24, at 5:00 pm in Cody Commons. During this time, students will be able to talk with SGA members about their concerns without the presence of university administration.

According to CRD Dougherty, all are welcome at the Town Hall, but the SGA has invited specific organizations to build bridges between them and the senators.

The final executive report was given by Administrative Assistant Cunningham. According to her, she met with the Memorial Union Policy Board about a new dining option that will open in the Memorial Union.

At the moment, the Board is considering five options: a breakfast option called “Bowl Life,” “Urban Eats,” which will have healthier options, a Mediteranean option called “Palm and Honey,” a grilled cheese bar, and a chicken and biscuit choice that will also have breakfast available.

She announced as well that the renovations taking place in the Memorial Union will be finished in the coming week, and that the National Guard will open an office in the place of the former Commerce Bank Office. They will then hold a ribbon-cutting ceremony in October.

The only committee report given following the executive reports came from the Legislative & Political Action Committee. This was that the committee reviewed the SGA fee guidelines.

After the reports finished, the senators were sworn in for the semester then moved into Open Forum.

During this time, President DeMers stated that a student brought the report from Chartwell’s recent inspection to his attention. The inspection, which took place in the cafeteria in McMindes Hall, found twelve code violations.

This prompted DeMers and LAD Wisely to review inspection reports from as far back as 2010, when the company was first contracted by FHSU. They’ve discovered that violations have increased over time, totaling fifty-five over the course of fifteen inspections.

Dr. Teresa Clounch, who is the advisor for SGA, also spoke up on this problem. According to her, the director of Chartwell’s and other staff members involved in overseeing campus dining services are aware that the Student Senate is looking into the violations. At this time, they are working to make corrections.

Following this discussion, a senator brought up that there is little FHSU-specific art on campus compared to other universities. He suggested a piece that students could take pictures with such as a mural. DeMers agreed that this was a great idea.

There was then a final announcement about the Alpha Gamma Delta Mac ‘n Cheese fundraiser taking place on September 18 at the sorority’s house.

The SGA will reconvene September 13 at 7:00 pm.

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