Hays Community Showcases Local Flavors while Supporting Small Businesses


With food truck trends on the rise, it is no surprise they swept through the town of Hays as well. On August 24th, Hays held its annual Food Truck Rally, featuring local culinary talent, as well as the dedicated community members that make it happen.

The variety of the event was amazing. Featured trucks all lined up in the Big Creek Crossing parking lot, decorated with banners and flying signs. The event itself looked as if the fair came to town again, and the crowd emulated that same spirit. Food was served by five different local trucks, featuring town favorites like Snow Cone Express, The Local, Das Essen Wagen, and more. Each offered unique options, and stellar food.

Snow Cone Express is a classic in Hays, known for the fair prices, as well as its fun and a wide variety of flavor choices. Over 30 stand-alone flavors, two fun toppings, and numerous options for mixing and matching make Snowcone Express a place for everyone. The owner expressed his happiness to be at the event, as well as his hopes to further expand to being able to serve more people in this community as well as the surrounding ones. He also encouraged customers to visit his facebook page for his availability and his location daily. The great customer service and customizability keep the Hays community coming back for more.

The Local Food Truck is also a very popular truck in Hays. The business boasts their great burgers, bierocks, and brats, though locals also know of their delightful cinnamon and caramel rolls. The Local provides homestyle cooking which can bring warmth to even the coldest Kansas weather. The owners, four family members, were eager to share their love for the community, as well as their excitement for the future. The Local was certainly among the most popular trucks at the event, the lines for it stretching around other trucks at some points. They encourage readers to try their twist on town favorites and urge them to contact them on their facebook page for more information.

Delicias Mexicanas was also present at the event. Their authentic Mexican and Hispanic dishes were a huge hit, possibly bringing more customers than any other truck. Along with their amazing weekly deals, the truck is very active on social media, keeping the public updated on not only their location but also their new foods they are offering. Interested customers can find them on facebook as well. 

Photo Provided by Bubba Grubs

Bubbas Grub brought food reminiscent of the summer fairs to the event, stretching out the last bit of summer fever. Their comfort foods brought a whole new level to the variety offered at the rally. The entire crew was extremely friendly and helpful, making sure they took care of each one of their customers. Both online and in-person they stressed their gratitude for their customers.

“Bubba’s Grub would like to take a moment to thank each and every one of our customers…You are why we are here today and we are very grateful! We love being able to meet new people and talking with you all when we have a minute in the day. It gets pretty hectic at times and we don’t always get to let you all know just how we feel but we want you to know you are all amazing.” the business stated.

The last truck that attended the event was Das Essen Wagen. The truck was highly specialized in Germanic foods, bringing more authentic flavors to the rally. Their bierocks, brats, and fried dumplings brought unique flavors which wowed the community. The truck was also one of the more popular trucks during the event.

The Rally offers both new Hays residents, as well as current ones to experience the fun flavors offered by the town, as well as exemplifying the dedication several sellers have to authenticity. The owners look forward to next year’s rally, hoping for an even better turnout, and the chance to offer even more to the people.

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