SGA votes in new members and hear EOF appeals


On Thursday, March 28, the Student Senate held their weekly meeting. This included discussion of the Educational Opportunity Fund as well as voting on new senators.

At the beginning of the meeting, President Adam Schibi gave his report. In the previous week, he met with architects of the Center for Student Success to understand what the new building would look like.

He also made mention of a second trip to Topeka to further discuss higher educational funding with representatives. Later in the executive reports, Legislative Affairs Director Mountford discussed the planning for this trip in his report as well, hoping to take a look at legislation that pertains to higher educational funding on the trip.

Executive reports also came from Vice President Kirschbaum, Treasurer Voss, and Community Relations Director Dougherty.

In her report, CRD Dougherty explained what would take place at the upcoming Landlord Fair.

Besides meeting with landlords to learn about properties across Hays, the FHSU Kelly Center as well as the Hays Police Department will also be in attendance. According to CRD Dougherty, this is so that students can learn more about city ordinances and their rights as renters.

Many of the committees gave their reports following the executive reports. At the moment, the focus of several of the committees largely concerns the bylaws and funding guide: the Appropriations, Senate Affairs, and Allocations Committees all reported that they are reviewing documents and making revisions where they are necessary.

The OER Task Force Committee reported that they received the Open Educational Resource survey data and that they would hold a meeting concerning the information.

During the Open Forum, representatives of university organizations, ranging from the American Democracy Project to Tigers in Service, had that opportunity to appeal the amounts allocated to them through the Educational Opportunity Fund (EOF).

Following this, four bills were up for first reading.This included two bills to appropriate funding for two individuals to travel for a composition conference as well as for the Sociology Club to travel to Chicago. The fourth one to be read was the EOF bill.

Two students, Nia Ward and Garrett McBlair, were then voted in as new senators. The SGA passed a third bill to appropriate funds for a student to attend the Southwest Psychological Research Convention. A fourth bill concerning appropriations for individuals to attend a national English conference was postponed until the following week.

The meeting concluded shortly thereafter and will reconvene on Thursday, April 4.

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