FHSU Students Return to Campus Reinvigorated and Ready for Spring Semester


After a long winter break fort hays students returned to campus hopeful to have a good year. Many instagram posts were made by fraternities and sororities welcoming home their greek life members back to Fort Hays. There were also posts made by campus residents. Most posts showed excited residents jumping into each other’s arms and embracing each other with hugs.

I talked to some FHSU students and got some feedback about their experience with coming back to campus.

“I felt good! I was really excited to be back with my friends, and back in my room, I really missed my friends.” said Emily Rickie a freshman at fort hays. Overall the environment was one of good feelings at campus, many greetings were shared back and forth. Students talked about how much they missed each other and their plans for the year.

Left to right : Gabby, Emily, Kayla happy to be back for another successful semester at Fort Hays

Some students even felt like they had a clean slate when they started this semester. “I felt like I had a new start. I’d be meeting new people and professors and i had a clean slate for my grade.” said, Gracie Dibble a returning freshman. Some students saw the break as an opportunity to regroup and get back into the student mindset.

Being at home can sometimes feel restricting or boring. Hannah Bealby gave me some insight on to how she felt about being back. “I’m really loving being back! I’ve made a lot of friends here who I missed a lot over winter break. Also being home is fun but I like the freedom of being here on campus” said Bealby.

Some students even found more motivation with this semester and developed better habits. Hailey Case a Freshman gave me a quote on her experience and how she felt motivated to do better. “It was nice to come back to campus and get back into my routine, I was really happy that I got to see my friends again. I also rearranged my room so it felt more put together. I also made some plans to be more active, I recently started going to the gym more, and eating healthier. I made some changes fiscally, now im saving money better working a good job, and studying harder, so this semester is really looking up.”

With the new year starting off strong, im excited to see whats in store for the faculty, students, and residents of Fort Hays. I hope that this year brings us more laughter, happiness and more success. Goodluck to everyone on this semester here at Fort Hays.

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