Understanding the importance of influenza precautions


As we continue to move further into fall and eventually the winter, Influenza becomes a more pertinent concern to address. The Flu season is the time in the year in which we are at the height of potential transmission of the virus and other cold-like illnesses. Fort Hays State University’s student health center is offering flu shots to help combat the sickness.

A student can either make an appointment or walk in to make arrangements for their annual Influenza Immunization. FHSU health center registered nurse, Traci Ditter emphasized the importance of getting a flu shot.

“Here on campus everyone is together, Influenza is highly contagious,” said Ditter.

She went on to explain how transmission of the Influenza virus occurs stating Influenza spreads through saliva via coughing and sharing drinks.

“It is imperative that students practice courteous coughing tactics, like coughing into your shirt or elbow, in order to prevent the spread of Influenza,” said Ditter.

According to Ditter, if a student begins to feel any of the following symptoms over the course of this season they should make an appointment with the student health center, and if severe, contact emergency facilities.

Sore Throat


Body Aches


If a student has the Flu and is diagnosed early on a medication called Tamiflu may be used to address the virus. Ditter offered simple advice for FHSU students during the flu season.

“Wash Hands! Wash Hands! Wash Hands,” she said.  

When leaving a restroom, before or after you eat, while cleaning your living quarters washing your hands is a safeguard against not only Influenza but other infections. During this time of year, we must value our health but further the health of the fellow person. In order to do so, we should practice safe coughing tactics, get immunized, and most simply wash our hands!

You can reach the Fort Hays State Student Health Center at (785) 628-4293 or schedule the appointment at https://www.fhsu.edu/student-health/index

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