MOVIE REVIEW: Halloween (2018)


The highly anticipated Halloween sequel hit theatres this weekend and fans could not be more pleased with, what is probably the best slasher film in the last decade.

Now spoilers for the film will follow, so read at your own discretion.

The film begins with Aaron and Dana, two investigative Journalists looking to shed some new light on the Haddonfield Killings in 1978. We learn that Dr. Loomis has passed away and that his apprentice Dr. Sartain, played by Haluk Bilginer. After an unfruitful confrontation with Michael, the two investigators pursue an interview with Laurie Strode who has become, what I would equate to as, a hermit. Being the only person who prepares for Micheal’s return, Laurie is treated as a lunatic. As the regular shenanigans of the Halloween franchise ensue (Micheal murdering a bunch of folks) our Badass Grandma Laurie Strode gets ready. The film would eventually end with the demise of Micheal Myers at the Laurie, Her Daughter, and Grandaughter. With Micheal Burning to Death in Laurie’s home a truck comes by the house and carries the injured women away.

To say the least, this piece was epic! From the execution of Micheals inhuman (superhuman) acts of violence or the portrayal of Laurie’s sheer determination to destroy Micheal. This film did something that separates itself from other Horror films in this era and even some of the classics. It was scary and the sheer scare factor based on gore alone was high. Unlike films like the Saw franchise where it uses gore as its only medium for eliciting a feeling from the audience, Halloween (2018) uses the classic stalking slasher concept, this and the delivery for when the villain finally decides to attack makes for a perfect execution of timing and fright in a viewers mind.

Characters like Laurie and Micheal still maintain their original roles as the embodiment of inquisitiveness and evil respectively but with a twist. This time around Laurie is not only cautious with her curiosity, but she has also made the preparations to address Micheal and his specific peculiarities. Micheal, on the other hand, has had a more subtle shift in his character. He is quicker to begin killing and is less concerned with cleaning up, but more importantly, he is after Laurie. He wants to kill her specifically. This is something that is out of character for this continuity’s Micheal Myers as before his killings could have generally been seen as random. I don’t see these as simple changes but act as points of development for these characters development and it is genuinely satisfying. The only problem I slightly had with character development in this piece was the character arcs that were seemingly just dropped (like the cheating boyfriend) but that holds no real weight to what the film does well.

That being said it is probably the best descriptor for how I felt at the end of the film. This film didn’t have that cheap horror sequel feeling. It was a proper epic showdown between Laurie and The Shape that we have been waiting for countless films and four decades for. Now for those who had seen David Gordan Green’s directing talents as faltering will have to hold their tongues, this validates his potential to make good work and furthermore to produce more impressive films. I cannot wait to see what he does next. It felt complete and satisfying at the end, no real cliffhangers. Laurie is safe and she defeated Micheal Myers once and for all. I give this film nine bloody kitchen knives out of ten for its impressive pacing, excellent character development, and (admittedly) dedication to the source material.

Halloween (2018) is now available in theatres near you.

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