New Music Now: Episode Two

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New Music Now is a Music show on KFHS that gives up and coming bands and artists a platform to be heard. On this episode of New Music Now, we get exclusive access to newly released music by Indie Rock band, Faux Reality. After that, we go in depth and learn about the hip-hop artist that will soon hit mainstream radio, I.D. Then, we get real with an Indie rock artist, Kid Yourself, who is driven to change the world with his music.

This is New Music Now on KFHS

New Music Now Band: Faux Reality

Faux Reality is a 3-piece rock band that describes their niche genre as Indie Rock/Progressive/Fusion.They have been a band for over ten years and have been playing music together since the age of 13. The two vocalist, James and Thomas Hays, are identical twins and they met the drummer, Garrett Armstrong, at a middle school swim party. Shortly after the swim party, they started the band. The band’s musical inspirations are The Beatles, The Beach Boys, Vulfpeck, Frank Sinatra, Jaco Pastorius, and Buddy Rich. In the band’s free time they run their own recording studio and music video production business. Faux Reality’s goal in the music industry is to continue to record and produce our own music and music videos. They have performed across 4 different states, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas. and Colorado and have released 4 studio Albums. Their most recent album “Daybreak’s Lullaby” was inspired after almost experiencing a fatal car accident.

Daybreak’s Lullaby is being turned into a Visual Album to be released via their YouTube Channel and is currently available on Vinyl and Digital Download at Their music can also be streamed on Spotify. And on KFHS.

The songs featured on KFHS and New Music Now:

New Music Now Artist: I.D.

As a teenager, Goran Dimic, used music as an escape. An escape into creating a more vibrant and loud reality where all his focus was on manipulating sounds and words and enhancing his knowledge of music. Growing up with music around the household definitely did not disappoint in adding to his musical explorations. The love of sound started off with listening to Classic Rock, although he is known for creating music in the Rap and Hip Hop genre, Goran still loves to play some old classics from time to time, especially when it comes to instruments. After so many years, it’s safe to say a deep appreciation of sound art and musical instruments is embedded in his existence. Not many know that the rap artist is also a multi-instrumentalist. Mastering instruments such as the guitar and drums, just to name a few of I.D.’s favorite instruments… was the first serious step he made into exploring the music industry. Following the divorce of his parents, a definite life-impacting event for a 13-year-old was the final push for removing the duct tape from his mouth… For freeing the words from his creative mind, and sharing them with the world… Infamous for using personal content in his writings, as I.D. refers to his music as being “my identity”, the artist shares his creative stories through rap and hip-hop. A few years ago, when approached by longtime music producer friend, Brandon “Keyloh” Gorgies, who hoped to sign I.D. onto his at-the-time, newly founded independent record label, Loud Reality Records, I.D. flipped the script by partnering with Gorgies instead. I.D. hopes to inspire those who listen to his music and rejuvenate Hip Hop music with genuine content.

The songs featured on KFHS and New Music Now:

New Music Now Artist: Kid Yourself

Picking up his father’s guitar for the first time in 2007 Cooper Smart had found a new love. A year later his parents bought him his first electric guitar for his birthday. Without knowing much about music, or having any experience with such an instrument (besides his trumpet from school band) Cooper practiced every day. Friends of his and him started the band “Looking For Yesterday” in 2009 and made quite the name for themselves within the 5 years of being together. Cooper, being the lead man, got the chance to play with well-known artists/bands such as Drake Bell, “Hit the Lights”, “Veara”, “On my Honor”, and even landed a spot on the 2013 Warped Tour. After LFY’s dismissal in 2014 Cooper decided that slowing down was not part of the plan. He Immediately started writing and hit the studio to record a single with Kevin Gates of Engaged Audio. Kevin took a major part in writing/producing the single “Escape” which is “Kid Yourself’s” first single release. Cooper wants this project to be portrayed exactly as who he is. The name came from his personality of always kidding around. The music he writes is an exact portrayal of his life, feelings, and heart

The songs featured on KFHS and New Music Now:



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