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Please be sure to bookmark the Tiger Media Network on your personal computer or mobile device (http://tigermedianet.com), and please join the dialog by commenting on stories of interest. Thank you… we look forward to hearing from you soon!

  1. TMN follows a convergent media model housed in the Departments of Informatics and Communication Studies.

  2. TMN follows recommendations from “The Knight Foundation” (one of the nation’s top J-school funders), by constructing a “teaching hospital” model for nurturing next-generation journalists and information networkers just in time for the move into FHSU’s “Center for Networked Learning” currently under construction.

  3. TMN is currently ahead of trends among student and community media outlets.

  4. TMN is staffed and supported by people excited about the initiative, establishing a mission to, “Create informative, entertaining, and engaging content for the Tiger Community.”

  5. New content appears on the TMN website, radio and TV stations daily.

  6. The first print edition was published October 3, 2013.

  7. TMN is focused on the future and the future is MOBILE, therefore the first edition of TMN’s website is mobile-ready adaptive on Apple iOS and Android devices.

  8. Nearly 60 people are registered on the TMN as potential contributors.

  9. A new academic minor in “Global Engaged Media” is now available to all FHSU students.

  10. In the spirit of iconic media scholar, Marshall McLuhen’s vision of “The Global Village,” TMN encourages faculty, staff, and students alike to contribute. If you have something to say, and you wish to have your voice heard on the TMN, please contact Ron Rohlf at tmn@fhsu.edu.

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