Retraction: Society of Physics Students & SGA Funding

Yesterday TMN posted a story about the Society of Physics students allocations funds. We regret to inform our audience that there may have been a few facts that were miscommunicated from students to reporter to the TMN staff. As we try to clear this situation up, we want to thank both SGA and the Society of Physics students for being involved with TMN in this matter. In the next few days/weeks we will be finding more facts about this story and correct the facts in question.

We wish for anyone that wants to speak on this story to please contact our Student Producer, Tim Abrams at or call at 316-210-2596.

We hope that anyone affected by the story knows that they can always reach out to TMN via our contact page or by contacting our faculty members and alert us to any wronged information. We here at TMN rely on students to write, edit, produce and create content on a regular basis. Part of the learning process is making mistakes, and if it is alerted to us, it helps the student learn from those mistakes.



Best Regards,

Tim Abrams

Student News Producer for the Tiger Media Network.

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