Upcoming Events for the Center for Civic Leadership

The Center for Civic Leadership (CCL) is a nationally recognized institute for citizen leadership development. Through its many projects, the CCL provides high-quality educational programs and initiatives designed to enhance civic leadership capabilities among participant.

Within the CCL, four different projects for students to get involved in The American Democracy Project (ADP), The Global Leadership Project (GLP), Tigers In Service (TIS), and The Women’s Leadership Project (WLP). All of these projects put on events throughout the school year that offer FHSU students and the community opportunities to volunteer and get involved in.

The CCL is offering events during January and February to students to participate in. Some events are part of the “Embrace Difference” programming campaign, which is labeled with (ED) next to the event. Come to any ED event and show that you are wearing your “Embrace Difference” bracelet and you will receive a free t-shirt. The upcoming events are listed below:

January 24th

Table on Stalking Awareness

Women’s Leadership Project

Stop by our table in the Memorial Union to learn signs of stalking and tips on what you can do to be an active bystander if someone you know is being stalked.

Memorial Union Table; 10:30am-1:00pm

January 24th

Times Talk

American Democracy Project/Forsyth Library/The New York Times

Join us in a discussion over the implications of a Trump administration presented by Dr. Lawrence Gould and Dr. Joseph Romance. *Free Pizza or Salad for the first 20 attendees.*

Forsyth Library; 12:00pm-1:00pm

January 25th

Volunteer Fair

Tigers In Service/Jana’s Campaign/First Call for Help/Jana’s Closet/American Red Cross/Options/Big Brothers Big Sisters/The Arc

Stop by and discover the various volunteer opportunities that are offered on campus and within the Hays community. This event is come and go… become a Tiger In Service!

Sunset Lounge, Memorial Union; 1:00pm-4:00pm


January 26th

Kansas Day: Trivia Crack  

Tigers In Service

How well do you know the state of Kansas? Come celebrate Kansas’s birthday by playing trivia crack with Tigers In Service and win FREE prizes!

Memorial Union Table; 10:30am-12:30pm

February 4th

Poverty Simulation (ED)

Global Leadership Project/Center for Civic Leadership

Can you survive a month in poverty while supporting your family and attending college? This simulation will allow you to put yourself in someone else’s shoes and become informed on the issue of poverty. Sign up before January 30th to receive a FREE t-shirt! Sign up through TigerLink or email glp@fhsu.edu.

Ballroom, Memorial Union; 1:00pm

February 8th  

Civil Discourse Workshop (ED)

American Democracy Project

Join us and learn how to remain civil in conversation with others who have different views than yourself! We all disagree on a variety of topics, such as, religion, civil or human rights, and politics. Attend this workshop to learn how to be civil and embrace differences.

**FREE t-shirt to the first 20 attendees.**

Smoky Hill Room, Memorial Union; 1:30pm-2:30 pm

February 8th

Equali-Tea (ED)

Tigers In Service/Women’s Leadership Project

Have any questions or input about gender equality in today’s society? Join us for a discussion on gender equality, how it affects you and what can be done about it, facilitated by Dr. Buday.

Location TBD; 3:00pm

February 10th

Film Screening: Beasts of No Nation

Global Leadership Project

Join us for this film screening and discussion to increase your awareness of the use of child soldiers globally.

Cody Commons, Memorial Union; 7:30 pm

February 13th

Love Doesn’t Hurt

Women’s Leadership Project

February is teen dating violence awareness month. Join us to learn how you can be an active bystander for someone you know that may be in an unhealthy relationship.

Memorial Union Table; 10:30am-1:00pm

February 28th

Times Talk

American Democracy Project/Forsyth Library/The New York Times

Have you ever wondered how to tell if something is copyrighted, or if you can use a piece of a copyrighted work for class? What about your own copyrights—did you know that you automatically own the copyright to any writing or creative work you do? Come to this Times Talk to learn what you need to know about copyright law as a student at FHSU. Presented by Claire Nickerson. *Free Pizza or Salad for the first 20 attendees.*

Forsyth Library; 12:00pm-1:00pm

February 28th(ED)

Film Screening: Remember the Titans

Global Leadership Project/Center for Civic Leadership

Join us to watch Remember the Titans just ONE WEEK before Coach Herman Boone visits FHSU to discuss the racial intolerance he faced throughout his life.

Cody Commons, Memorial Union; 6:00pm


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