Catholic Disciples at a Crossroads

By:  Kaisha Batman

Leading up to the Thanksgiving break, Catholic Disciples took a little vacation of their own to a weekend retreat Nov. 18th thru Nov. 20th, throughout the weekend the retreatants were kept busy with several different activities offered.

One highlight of the weekend was when the table staff gave inspirational talks to the students,  the talks ranged all the way from trusting Jesus to agape love and relationships.

There was another talk given by a vocational panel that answered the students’ questions and gave examples of what religious life, priesthood, brotherhood, and married life looks like.

Other activities took place as well, students partook in the sacraments of Reconciliation and Eucharist in daily mass.

They also participated in different forms of worship such as stations of the cross, liturgy of the hour, and the divine mercy chaplet.

There were even games for the retreatants to play, the games are kept confidential as well as many other activities regarding Crossroads.

Although Crossroads has a lot of secrets, they are all there to enhance your experience.

New member to Catholic Disciples, Freshman Erika Heeke, quoted, “One of the things that I got out of the retreat was a good foundation; a family to fall back on. Coming from a family that, while Catholic, is not actively involved in the church, one important aspect of crossroads was building friendships that truly bring me closer to Christ.”

Catholic Disciples offers opportunities such as Crossroads to build connections and make new friends.

Crossroads still has many secrets, but the only way to reveal them is to get involved and try out Catholic Disciples.

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