KFHS Radio New Artist: Altamina

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Altamina is an indie-rock band from Montreal, Canada. The band is currently composed of François Graham (keys, lead vocals), Marco Gervais (guitars, back vocals), Roxanne Miller (Bass, back vocals) and Matt Davis (Drums). The band started out with Marco and François as an outlet for musical experimentation. Both members had been playing many years with the post-rock/alternative band Surface of Atlantic with 3 album releases and multiple songs in movies including “J’ai tué ma mère”, winner of 4 awards at Cannes Festival in 2009.

Marco had been experimenting with electronic drum kits and fused with François’ large palate of synthesizers released an instrumental/electronic album in 2012 called Silver Landing in a Barren Band. The album was mainly recorded over the summer of 2012 in a long-distance fashion, with Marco tracking guitars and drums in Mont-St-Hilaire and most synths recorded by François in a house in Portugal he spent a lot of time while growing up called Altamina, which literally means “high mines” in Portuguese. The album was released digitally in October 2012 and received positive blog critiques and airplay on select Internet radios.

With newly added members Matt Davis and Roxanne Miller in 2014, the band started exploring new musical territories.  Their album Tomorrow Morning Will Be Tonight was released in June 2016 at the O Patro Vys in Montreal.

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