SGA Update 1/28/2016

This meeting of the Student Government Association was called to order on Thursday, January 28th, 2016 at 7:00 p.m. in the Black and Gold Room, Memorial Union on the campus of Fort Hays State University.


Old Business: Waivers 16/S/100- 16/S/102, all from the Office of the President, were up for voting at Thursday’s meeting. All were passed by unanimous consent.

New Business: There was no new business at Thursday’s meeting.



President Ulises Gonzalez told senators that he has been communicating with Kathlyn Cook to create the bylaws for the virtual senate students. He has also been helping plan Tiger Day at the Capitol along with senator Emily Brandt.

Vice President Molly Morgan reminded senators that the final date for allocation applications will be Friday, February 5th.

Treasurer Jacob Taylor informed senators that he has been helping other organizations fill out allocation applications, and if anyone needs help to please contact him.

Legislative Affairs Director Emily Brandt shared with senators that applications for Tiger Day at the Capitol are due on Monday, February 1st.

Campus Relations Director Rebecca Vincent contributed that she met with the Cultural Competency Task Force, and they have a mission statement that is currently in the works. She added that the Task Force has decided to meet only once a month to increase efficiency in meetings.

Community Relations Director Lizette Avalos discussed with senators that she has included allocation guidelines on the website, and is currently working on planning The Big Event.


The Appropriations Committee did not meet this week.

The Senate Affairs Committee had an interview to fill a vacant seat in the College of Arts and Sciences.

Student Relations and Involvement Committee did not meet this week.

The Legislative and Political Action Committee voted to not move forward with the FHSU Experience and Opportunity Fund that was proposed to create a new student fee.

Installation of New Members

Senator Emily Brandt was sworn in as Legislative Affairs Director.

Speakers/Open Forum

During open forum, senators discussed lack of parking available for off-campus students. The issue was moved into the Student Relations and Involvement committee.

Chris Crawford, from the Office of the Provost came to speak to the senate about the University’s Strategic Eight Year Plan. Crawford presented the five draft goals and objectives for 2017-2025. The main goals are as followed: Student Success, Academic Excellence, Enrollment Management, Resource Diversification, People and Places. Dr. Martin hopes to work towards these goals over the next several years.


The following announcement was shared at Thursday night’s meeting:

Voter registration booths are open in the Memorial Union this week.

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