Russell Regional Hospital to host first Outdoor Stretching and Yoga event


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Those wishing to start their Friday morning on a positive note by relaxing in the wilderness (sort of) needn’t look further than the Russell Regional Hospital’s first-ever Stretching and Relaxing Yoga event. The event will be from 9:30-10:30 am on Friday at the RRH Fitness Trail located at 200 S. Main Street in Russell.

As per promotional instructions, participants can meet at the gazebo to get registered and sign up for prizes. From there, Ashleigh from Yoga & Massage of Central Kansas will facilitate the class focusing on stretching and light yoga. Attendees are instructed to bring a chair, yoga mat, towel, blanket, or pillow. 

RRH Public Relations Director Janae Talbott walks guests through what to expect.

“Guests will experience basic stretching moves and light yoga moves that are known to help the body and mind relax while also helping the body stay mobile,” Talbott said. “Further, the prizes that we are giving out are intentionally meant to be healthy alternatives and/or offer fun summer activity.”

Event prizes

Talbott emphasizes that all skill levels are welcome and that the event is free to all.

“The class will only last for approximately one hour. One does not have to be an expert to enjoy the class and what do you have to lose,” she said. “There is no charge to participate and no RSVP is needed.”

Talbott states the main purpose of the class is to encourage active health strategies that assist participants in taking good care of themselves.

“Health apathy is a trap we can all fall into with the busy lives we lead. It’s important to take care of ourselves and be active at whatever level we can participate at,” she said. “This class also teaches relaxation, another skill we all need in the demanding world we live in.”

Touching on the physical aspect of the event, Talbott notes the importance of stretching in particular.

“Stretching each day is preferable, but if not each day, three to four times a week,” She said. “Stretching and light yoga help the mind/body/and soul to center and focus on where discomfort exists and work on releasing that discomfort.”

Although this is the first time the RRH is hosting this specific wellness event, it will most definitely not be the last. Talbott believes in the lasting impact that these experiences will have.

“By offering an experience such as this, and hopefully continuing to offer these opportunities, we hope to help participants learn a skill and not just hear about how they can take good care of themselves, but experience how they can as well,” she said. 

Talbott said that connection, networking, and working together in the community is the solution to so many ‘problems’ our world faces.

“Working together, connecting, and being good neighbors to each other is vital to our region’s survival and growth,” she said. “Increasing our quality of life and thriving can happen if we all work together.”

Should there be dangerous weather, a notice of cancellation will be on the Russell Regional Hospital Facebook page.

More information on this event and other Health and Wellness events in Russell can be found here