Understanding the student housing work order process at FHSU


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For Fort Hays State University students living on-campus in university housing, it is important to know what to do and who to contact if there is an issue with something in a room.

Residential Life helps students with anything they need in the dorms and provides maintenance for on-campus students. Submitting a work order form is the best and easiest way to let them know what needs to be resolved.

Trenton Hansen is the Skill Trades Supervisor for the housing department at FHSU and handles all the work orders. His team handles everything, such as custodial work, plumbing, HVAC, and electrical. 

“I can turn them down, but I can’t do it if I don’t know about [them],” Hansen said.

Even if students might think that something is so little and isn’t important. They should always submit a work order so that a smaller issue doesn’t turn into bigger problems

But how do students submit a work order form into residential life? RJ Schnack is the director of Residential Life at FHSU and explains the process.

Students first need to go to fhsu.edu, click on students,

scroll down to student life, and then click on residential life.

 “They scroll down a little bit towards the bottom, and they’ll see forms on the left-hand side,” Schnack said.

Students will then click the forms tab and will be taken to the FAQ’s and Forms webpage. There, students will see a work order request that they can click on.

This will take you to the work order site, where students log in with their FHSU email and password. Students will then be able to fill out the form, following the instructions and once completed, will be able to submit it.

The work orders are responded to in a prioritized fashion, meaning the bigger issues such as a heater or air conditioning that isn’t working, goes to the top of the list.  

“We’re almost always the same day, as long as it’s put in before 4:30,” Hansen said.

In June, FHSU will switch from the current work order site, SchoolDude, to Starrez, the site FHSU uses for housing.

Schnack said SchoolDude has been used by FHSU for 10 years now.

“We’re going to a different system, we’re upgrading,” he said.

FHSU and Residential Life provide these systems to students and want students to use them.