EOF bill sent back to committee for redistribution of funds


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Senators are delaying the vote on a bill regarding the Educational Opportunity Fund, which provides money for student projects, scholarships, and in some cases, salaries, so the EOF Committee can reevaluate the bill.

Senators decided to send Bill No. 24/S/107 back to committee because some of the funds need to be redistributed. Originally, the Committee recommended the Food and Hunger Initiative and Global Affairs be funded $10,000 and $5,000, respectively, for the next fiscal year. However, neither organization was represented at Thursday’s meeting, and according to the SGA bylaws they are now unable to receive those funds.

Description and criteria of the Educational Opportunity Fund from the SGA webpage.

“We need to adjust this bill to reflect those changes,” President Ella Burrows explained.

If recommended by the committee, the $15,000 could be redistributed among the other seven entities that requested money. These include the Department of Agriculture, Physics, the Center for Empowering Victims of Gender-based Violence, Student Engagement, Study Abroad, Friendsgiving and the Academic Advising and Career Exploration Center.

While senators ultimately decided to send the bill back to committee, they also had the option to decide among themselves how to redistribute the money. Senators had reasons for both the options given. 

“I think the committee might have a better understanding of what’s at stake here since they were the ones that went through the hearing process,” Sen. Alicia Feyerherm said.

According to Burrows, the Committee, which consists of herself, several students and the assistant director of Financial Aid, read through proposals from each organization and had meetings with them.

Treasurer Jackson Sinsel, who is also on the committee, voiced his opinion that the other committee members should have a say in what to do with the funds. 

“They made the decision and I would like for them to get to make the decision again,” he said.

Sen. Logan Erichsen was in favor of making the adjustments during the meeting.

“I think we need to amend (the bill) now, because it’s not fair for us to ask (the other organizations) to show up again,” he said.

Senators discussed the options further with one another during a five-minute recess then decided to send the bill back. The motion passed with 17 votes, with two senators abstaining. 

Other SGA news:

  • The deadline for student organizations to request Allocations is next Friday (Feb. 9).
  • The Legislative and Political Action Committee is done with fee review hearings and will have the fee review bill up for first reading on Feb. 8.
  • After taking concerns with the snow removal on campus to university president Tisa Mason, Burrows reported that the protocol and guidelines were followed with the last big snowfall. However, there will be a debriefing between department managers and the university vice presidents about what can be done better in the future. The university will also be looking into delayed starts during inclement weather rather than starting at the normal time or closing campus.

The next SGA meeting is scheduled for 7 p.m. on Thursday in the Black and Gold Room.