Planting Happiness promotes practicing self care


FHSU Health and Wellness Services put on Planting Happiness in the quad on Thursday. Students had the opportunity to plant their own succulents in a pot they could decorate themselves. Along with the plants, Health and Wellness Services provided cards with affirmations that students could take. 

Brie Bradshaw, a graduate assistant at Student Health said Planting Happiness is important because it helps students. 

“[Students learn to] practice self-care, and mindfulness by transferring your own care to a plant. For some people it is easier to take care of a plant than it is to take care of themselves, so this is one of the baby steps we take to make sure they can practice self-care in an effective way,” Bradshaw said.   

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention 11.7 percent  of people 18 or older have regular feelings of anxiety, worry, and nervousness.

Brook, a Fort Hays State student said that events like Planting happiness “give people a chance to break away from there day to day activities”

On Monday, Health and Wellness will also have Yoga on the Lawn at 4:45 on the Custer Lawn. 

More Health and Wellness events can be found on the Health and Wellness Tiger Link page. 

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