Student Engagement hosts Relaxation Day


Student Engagement hosted their Relaxation Day event on April 12th to help students take a break from school and participate in some fun activities. Senior, Ali Colwell was the event lead for the relaxation day with help from Student Engagement employees, Addie Sutton and Emma Day. 

The event included activities for students to choose from like tot bag decoration, coloring pages, sock heating pads, self-care kits, and even Wii games. Colwell said the goal of the event was to create a space for students to come and take their minds off of school for a few hours. 

“We wanted an event that students could come to and relax and not worry or stress about all the things like school. We wanted to have a lot of activities so students could do a bunch of different things and could just flow,” Colwell said. 

The first 100 students that came to the event were given an FHSU sweatshirt that said, “The world is a better place with you in it” on the back, designed by the event team. Colwell said they checked in 115 people at the beginning of the event and more students trickled in throughout as well. 

Student Engagement tries to have a variety of event times in order to accommodate student schedules and for Relaxation Day being in the middle of the afternoon, Colwell was please with the outcome. Andrew Erb, a student that attended the event said he came to Relaxation Day before work and enjoyed having an event where he could just hang out with his friends. Another student, Blaise Kaiser, said he heard about this event from one of his fraternity brothers, Graham Teeter. 

“I had class right before the event so I was a little stressed and overwhelmed with homework but coming here I got to relax and get some self-care items so it was really good,” Kaiser said while already using one of the face masks he was given during the event.

Student Engagement has a few more events before the end of the semester. Events can be found on TigerLink or on the Student Engagement Instagram page. A few of the recent events will also be listed below.

SINGO — April 22nd, 6-8 pm — 2nd Floor FWCSS

Diversi-TEA — April 28th, 3-4 pm — 2nd Floor FWCSS, Lab 225

Jammin’ into Summer — April 29th, 7-11 pm — Gross Memorial Coliseum Parking Lot

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